Naish Releases New Lineup of Inflatable Paddleboards for Every Type of Paddler

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The 2022 Naish inflatable paddle boards have a board design for every type of paddle excursion. Offered in a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes, the new Naish inflatable paddle boards will suit any riding style and any skill level.

Naish Inflatables: For Every Rider and Skill Level

The new Naish inflatable stand up paddle board lineup is both unique and extensive. Creating designs that come in a variety of lengths, widths and graphics gives Naish the edge in developing a board line for every paddler.

Naish Alana Fusion touring stand up paddle board
The Alana was designed for all-around fun for the whole family, recreational touring, and longboard-style surfing in small waves. 📸 @frankiebees

Nalu Fusion & Alana Fusion

From the classic longboard style inflatable SUP in both the Nalu Fusion and Alana Fusion which are great for cruising or catching small waves, to the Touring Fusion boards which offer a sleeker outline for a longer glide and more efficiency of paddling, these cruiser SUPs fit a lot of needs. Also extremely compact and lightweight for travel, the longboard style or touring board are great for a variety of rider weights and differences.

Naish One

Next, is the continuation of the Naish One, a successful 12’6 x 30″ inflatable raceboard design which a dropstitch construction for extra durability in racing conditions. Easy to travel and lighter than the Naish composite race boards, the Naish One is here to stay.

Naish Inflatables Chuck Patterson 2021
The ONE is one of the world’s best-selling inflatable SUP’s for a reason. Engineered to build speed and track straight for long distances, the ONE can handle anything that comes its way – even a few waves. 📸 @frankiebees

Crossover Inflatable Fusion

The popular Classic Crossover Inflatable Fusion is the Naish all- around/windsurfing/touring board. The Crossover delivers great stability whether the athlete is uphauling a sail or stand up paddling. It features the same fast and efficient shape as the Touring boards. In addition, the Crossover offers enhanced performance, extra capabilities and faster paddling than most entry-level SUP boards. The mast insert for a windsurf rig is flush with the deck of the board to keep feet clear of any stumbling blocks. Plus, the Crossover comes with a single fin in the back combined with a center fin to provide exceptional lateral resistance when used with a sail, making this an efficient entry level windsurfing and wing surf board. Quite a set up!

Now also available in a new Grom 8’0 x 28″ Crossover Inflatable design to encourage younger athletes to stay diversified.

Naish Crossover inflatable wing stand up paddle board
From SUP, to windsurfer to wing boarding, the Naish 8’0 x 28″ Grom Crossover inflatable board will keep them busy on the water for hours!


Maliko Design in Carbon Fusion & Carbon Light

The Maliko Inflatable Carbon Fusion raceboard is designed with a carbon lightweight construction. This board is both stiff due to its center carbon stringer and lightweight for fast, efficient paddling. Traveling to SUP races just got easier with the Maliko inflatable in 14′ x 25″ and 14′ x 27″ widths. Also available in the Maliko Inflatable Carbon Light in same sizes.

A good looking board lineup from Naish!


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