REVIEW: GoPro Mezcal Floating Polarized Sunglasses with 3 Sets of Lenses

GoPro Mezcal Sunglasses review
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GoPro, the water camera mega-brand, makes their debut into the realm of polarized eyewear. The GoPro Mezcal is a hot, new pair of floating sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. What’s better than a day on the water or at the beach? Having good sunglasses on your face to enjoy it! Check out this review on GoPro’s polarized Mezcal sunglasses.

GoPro Mezcal polarized sunglasses

GoPro Mezcal Sunglasses: Shades of Everything

GoPro’s long-anticipated entrance into the sunglasses arena was worth the wait. The Mezcal Floating Polarized Sunglasses have three interchangeable sets of polarized lenses – gray, amber, and blue – that pop in and out to suit any activity.

To change lenses, which are stored in neat protective sleeves in a compact soft case, simply use your fingers to press out near the center of the frame. My first few times changing the lenses, I was wary of using the force of my fingers on a component as integral and lightweight as the lenses. After getting past an initial fear of breaking something, I learned not to confuse the featherlight weight of the frame with fragility. These glasses are sturdy and designed to adapt as you move through the many activities of your day.

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GoPro Mezcal Sunglasses review

3 Sets of Colored Lenses for Outdoor Activities

I followed the recommendation on GoPro’s packaging, which describes recommended uses for the different Mezcal lenses. I used the gray lenses while driving, the blue at the beach, and the amber ones while paddling on the bay.

GoPro’s gray lenses are great for driving. They quiet the glare from the sun and help drivers tune into the road. The blue lenses, which are actually amber-based with a blue mirror finish, make for an enhanced and colorful picture as the sun peaks in and out on a relaxing beach day. Those amber lenses are gorgeous on the water adding both detail and depth of color. And, at $79 a pair, it is certainly reassuring to know that the glasses could float!

GoPro Mezcal Sunglasses

While it is easy to change the lenses, convenience leads me to stick to the gray for everyday use and switch out the lenses for specialized activity. These unisex glasses are functional and cool, though the oversized square frame gives them a practical rather than stylish appearance.

For a debut pair of sunglasses that are actually three pairs in one, the GoPro Mezcals do not disappoint.

Reviewed & written by, Christina Habian


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