8 Minutes of Jaw-Dropping Power at Pe’ahi’s SUPER SIZED SUNDAY

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The cameras were rolling this weekend when Pe’ahi, a surf break on Maui acclaimed for its nickname of “Jaws”, reeled in the full power of the Pacific Ocean and put on (another) greatest show on earth.  Thanks to the WSL for providing such iconic memories in this 8-minute video that may have you standing and cheering at your computer.  Watch this:

Pe’ahi Unleashes its Raw Power

The World Surf League (WSL) provides all the Tow-In action from Sunday’s massive swell that sledgehammered into Maui’s North Shore in a full stoke video seen here.

Pe’ahi means ‘wave’ in the origins of the Hawaiian language but in the sense of a fanning or beckoning motion of the hand.  It is a call, or beckoning, wherein the elite surfers of the world must listen.  On Sunday, we were able to witness the mighty strength of the power of that wave as Jaws reared up in its unlimited potential for the largest swell of the decade (maybe more) to provide a platform for the world’s best big wave surfers to hold and strengthen their mettle. What a show it was.

In this WSL video, we witness history breaking surf and the warriors who ride the swell. Watch Justine Dupont, a female charger who many say has as much skill as any man out there capture the biggest barrel of the day. We see former SUP champion, Kai Lenny unleash himself onto the majesty of Maui’s towering surf and perform air drops, rail grabs and aerials while charging Pe’ahi’s awesome power. Ian Walsh, Albee Layer and Billy Kemper all reassert their dominance in the world of the big wave riders elite.

Stand outs from the day include Fransisco Porcella’s screaming left at Pe’ahi where, as the camera pans the wave, you’ll be holding your breath. Did he make it?  Watch and find out. The other stand out comes in the form of 12-year-old Steve Roberson who clearly has his sights set on joining the brotherhood of big wave surfing in the years to come. There are others. They all deserve respect and your attention. Enjoy the 8-minute ride and be prepared to be motivated.  Aloha & see you out there.

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