“The Life of Kai”: A Powerful Look at Kai Lenny’s Big Wave Performance from Red Bull TV

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If you haven’t caught the energy yet from Red Bull Media’s “Life of Kai” TV show, stop what you’re doing. Episode #1 captures Kai Lenny’s legendary WSL Big Wave Tow Surfing Challenge at Nazare with tow partner Lucas Chiana. This episode is one complete, breath taking, hold down, fantastic ride.

Kai Lenny shoves the ceiling skyward with his progressive moves on massive waves in Nazare, Portugal as part of the WSL Big Wave Tow-In Challenge.  Photo by:  Mattias Hammar/Red Bull Media

“Life of Kai” spotlights Big Wave Rider Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny may have gotten his start in stand up paddling, but since his cross-over into the WSL Big Wave Tour a few years ago, the now 28-year-old athlete has finally hit his stride.  Executing high performance moves in massive, sledgehammering surf at speeds up to 60K an hour is what Kai does best.

In Episode #1 of Red Bull Media’s “Life of Kai”, viewers get an inside look at the WSL Big Wave Tow Surfing Challenge in Nazare, Portugal. This is the event where Kai, with help from tow partner Chumbo, drops into a 70′ monster to win the event. Considered the ‘young guns’ at the event, Kai & Chumbo capture the team award as well.

WATCH Episode #1: “Life of Kai” HERE.

Kai Lenny Nazare Red Bull Media photo Mattias Hammar
Kai Lenny skirts under the lip of another beast at Nazare on this way to capturing the title at this WSL Big Wave Tow In Challenge. Photo by: Mattias Hammar/Red Bull Media

Hands down that was one of the most intense days of my life, but when you get back to the dock, you know you are alive,” says Kai as he reflects on the event day where two other tow partners landed in the hospital after a massive wipe out on their jet ski that left the crowd breathless.

For me, there is no other way to live. The Nazare event held one of the biggest waves of my life so far. You don’t know if you’re ever going to be able to repeat it, but you got to live that moment once.”

Kai’s trajectory as a big wave surfer is pushing the sport to new levels of performance as he executes 360 degree turns off the lip of towering beasts and surfs the biggest waves on earth as if he’s surfing his home break in Maui. There is more to see in this season’s “Life of Kai” by Red Bull Media. We invite you all to tune into history being made in the moment.

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