She is the Ocean: a Film about Nine Courageous Women who LIVE by the Sea

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Watch this breathtaking trailer to get a taste of the incredible stories of nine waterwomen who live their lives connected to a larger self, the ocean. She is the Ocean opens to a official virtual film festival on October 16th.

She is the Ocean: Celebrating Women & the Sea

“A woman is like the ocean – a force of nature with depths unknown.”

She is the Ocean follows the lives of nine avid waterwomen including pro surfer Coco Ho, shark conservationist Ocean Ramsey, open ocean paddler Andrea Moller, big wave surfer Keala Kennelly, free diver Anna Bader and others.

This movie is a deep dive into the lives of nine dedicated women from around the globe who share one thing in common: a profound love for the sea. A love of open water leads each to make a deeply personal decision to hold the ocean as the epicenter of her physical, philosophical and professional lives.

Director Inna Blockhina, also writer and producer for the film, selects nine woman to create this stirring film portrait. Beginning with three dynamic females who engage in the privilege of ocean sports, to a renowned scientist who plunges into the ocean’s deepest depths, to a cliff diver hailed as “The Bravest Woman in Germany,” She Is the Ocean captures the common thread that bonds them together. This beautiful film explores how this thread helps each of them form their lives, offering immeasurable meaning beyond the normal constraints of society.

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Stay tuned for a full review of this film after October 16th.  Aloha.