Maliko Run: Experience the Thrill in All-Time Conditions

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Catch the downwind bumps with Josh Riccio as he rides the Maliko Run in all-time conditions.  Josh’s standard’s are high, so if he says it’s good, it’s worth the time!

Maliko Run:  Ride the Bumps with Josh Riccio on an Insane Day!

Stay the course.  Keep the stoke fires burning. And ride, dammit, ride!  Watch the video and read how pro athlete Josh Riccio navigates the infamous Maliko Run in epic conditions. Ride on, Josh!

“the Maliko Run always gives new experiences, like getting knocked off my board by a manta ray. or having a flying fish land in the cockpit after bouncing off of my chest!

Josh Riccio speaks on his favorite downwind glide

It’s been a slow start to our downwind season out here in Maui due the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and restrictions. However, the Maliko Run has graced us with stellar conditions for over the last week now.

The more consistent the trade winds, the better & faster the Maliko gets. I’ve noticed that the fastest runs happen in the summertime when paddlers don’t have strong opposing currents associated with the north swells of winter.

While the Maliko Run offers up good fun any day of the year, summertime is the best. Hawaii is still on lockdown so I’ve been spending as much time out on the Maliko Run as possible. Riding Flying Fish Board Co.’s new 14′ Freebird Downwind Dugout definitely makes each run even more enjoyable! Last Thursday, I was able to set a new Personal Best averaging 9.79mph and I hit top speeds around 16mph.

Besides offering up incredible glides, the Maliko always gives new experiences like getting knocked off my board by a manta ray. Or having a flying fish land in the cockpit after bouncing off of my chest!

It’s unfortunate that our 2020 Hawaii Downwind Season won’t be celebrated in the usual fashion. My wish is these Maliko videos keep your paddle stoke alive, and we all get to share some bumps together next year.

– Josh Riccio




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