Of the Sea: A Female Driven Surf Film to Raise Awareness about World’s Plastic Consumption

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Of the Sea, a newly released film by Jordyn Romeo, is an exploration of the connection between motherhood, sustainability and the planet. It features Katherine Terrell, a surfer & refugee who develops an eco-bikini line called Jeux de Vaques created from recycled plastic water bottles and fishing nets. The film trailer below is as beautiful as it is inspiring. Get a glimpse of Terrell’s journey in rich, high definition from head high surf in Costa Rica to the costs behind development of this precious land and how that is primed to effect each of us.

Of the Sea: Film about Motherhood, Business & Loving the Ocean

Katherine Terrell is living an extraordinary life. At age five, she and her family were launched off the coast of Vietnam in a boat as refugees to cross the Pacific Ocean in order to save their lives. Today, she surfs, celebrates the ocean and is a steward of positive change through her swimsuit brand, Jeux De Vagues.

Of the Sea dives deep into the heart of Katherine’s lifestyle, environmental passions and, of course, surfing. Katherine relocated to Costa Rica with her family looking for a simpler existence. She started her eco-friendly swimsuit brand, Jeux De Vagues in 2017 with the motto “Hot bikinis for a hot planet”. The brand strives to set a new standard for sustainable swimwear. Katherine’s wish is that her swimwear line, made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets, becomes a voice to call people to action.

The film reflects Katherine’s inner thoughts about the realities of plastic pollution, her acceptance of her refugee identity, and desire to give her son a future to thrive, in and near the ocean.

The film is being screened at film festivals nationwide. See below.

Of the Sea:  Film Festival Screenings and Awards

Surfalorus Film Festival – Emerging Filmmaker Award
NFFTY – Audience Award, Jury Award Nomination
Santa Fe Independent Film Festival – Best NM Documentary Short
Huntington Beach Film Festival – Best Surf Short
Save the Waves Film Festival – Official Selection
Coast Film Festival – Official Selection
Sunshine Coast Surf Film Festival – Official Selection
SEA x SEA Southeast Asia x Seattle Film Festival – Official Selection
San Pedro International Film Festival – Official Selection
Catalina Film Festival – Official Selection
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival – Official Selection
Coast Film Festival – Official Selection
Ringerike International Youth Film Festival – Official Selection
Key West International Film Festival – Official Selection
Action! International Film Festival – Official Selection
Fort Meyers International Film Festival – Official Selection

2019 American Society of Cinematographers Richard H. Kline Student Heritage Award Nomination

Of the Sea Jordyn Romeo Katherine Terrell film surfing
At the heart of it, Of the Sea is a look at how a surfing women’s entrepreneurial efforts is a call to protect the future for our kids.

Director’s Statement : Jordyn Romeo, Filmmaker

Jordyn Romero is a documentary filmmaker, lady slider, and adventure chaser. She grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Santa Fe, NM where she spent most weekends racing down the Rio Grande or hiking for fresh powder. From this innate need for exploration, her passion for filmmaking was born.

She moved to California for university and fell in love with the ocean. Her escape from dense suburbia, surfing became a daily habit, and she discovered a whole new world of stories that could be told from this underwater lens.

At the end of the day, she is an adventurer with unyielding compassion about challenging and changing the norm. She is currently working on a new documentary following a young Sri Lankan surfer who is the first to transcend generations of societal norms to inspire more women on waves.

“This film was inspired by my personal relationship with Katherine, whom I met two years before the start of this film at a surf and brunch event that she hosted at her home in Malibu, California. I left feeling inspired by Katherine’s dedication to creating a community of strong female surfers for the environment. Her story encapsulated every theme I wanted for a film: Female empowerment, environmental activism, and surfing, of course.”

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