Quick Gift Ideas Under $100 for Your Favorite Paddler

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Winter is coming. And with that, the holidays.  Standup Journal is not one to over sensationalize consumer spending, but if you are looking for a quick gift with some integrity, here’s some suggestions.

Below is Standup Journal’s Top Pix for Quick Gifts for Under $100

Casper Steinfath Christmas
What are some gifts to give your favorite paddler this holiday season?

Red Paddle Co Accessories:  Quick Gift Tips

We all know that Red Paddle Co has an enormous lineup of premium inflatable paddeboards on offer.  But, the secret to the brand’s success, is in their wide array of incredibly well made accessories for paddlers.  From PFD’s to leashes, dry bags and more, Red Original accessories are a great way to round out your gift shopping for the holiday paddler 😉  Here’s a sampling of what you should not miss.

Red Paddle Co Insulated Travel Mug = $26
In keeping with Red Paddle Co’s desire to preserve our marine environment, they just released the Red Original insulated travel mug which can carry hot (or cold) beverages for your post-paddle refreshment. Eliminating single-use plastic for beverage, we salute you Red Original!

Red Paddle Co insulated travel mug
Red Original accessories are a great place to start picking up those hard-to-find small gift items for paddlers.

Red Paddle Co Dog Buoyancy Aid = $92
Clever and necessary.  If you love your dog as much as you love to SUP, you’ll want to keep him safe on your paddleboard.  The Red Paddle Dog Buoyancy Aid gives you peace of mind with multiple ‘grab handles’ to bring your dog back up on board in case he (or she) decides to go for a swim.  Innovative and real.  Thanks Red Paddle Co!

Red Paddle Co dog buoyancy aid
Keep him safe in this easy-to-grab buoyancy aid on the water!

Red Paddle Co Roll Top Drybag = $40
The beauty of Red Original accessories is you never have to 2nd guess the quality before you purchase any item.  Red puts equal care into every detail in their accessory lineup as they do to the seams on their inflatable SUPs.  You can rest easy knowing when it comes to quality, they’ve got you covered.

Red Paddle Co dry bag
Make it a paddle adventure! Pack your gear for an overnight excursion or just bring what you need for a day on the water. Thanks Red Paddle Co!

Standup Journal for the Water Lover in YOUR Life

Standup Journal One-Year Subscription = $49
You know we gotta do it.  We love our print magazine so much, we want to share it with as many humans as possible.  So, whether you’re looking for a 1-year subscription or want to sign up for 2-years, we’d love to have you as part of the tribe. Standup Journal is printed quarterly, and comes in an eco-conscious cardboard wrapping to your doorstep full of robust, rich photographs and articles dripping with stoke to keep you connected to the water, even if you can’t physically get to it.

We believe in the power of print.  Aloha!

Standup Journal Fall Issue
Standup Journal 1 or 2-year print only subscriptions available, both domestic and international. We’ve got you covered! www.standupjournal.com/shop

Standup Journal Single copy gift = $12.95
If you’re looking for a single copy to purchase of our print magazine as a(n amazing) stocking stuffer, you can purchase them at Barnes & Nobel Booksellers, Books A Million, select West Marine retailers and Gelson’s Markets as well as a host of other newsstands across the U.S. and Canada.  ASK for us in your local surf or SUP shop as we have shop subscriptions across the continent to supply you with your STOKE.

Standup Journal Summer 2019 cover
Individual magazines sold at Barnes & Nobel Booksellers and local area surf shops. Shop local for Standup Journal!

4Ocean “One Pound Promise” Accessories

We love the 4Ocean “One Pound Promise” for each of their retail items.  Not only are they good looking, but 4Ocean promises that for EVERY item purchased, they will pull 1 pound of trash out of the world’s oceans.  Now, that’s a promise worth living!

4Ocean hat = $30
While most hats are made using virgin plastic, every possible plastic component of this 4Ocean hat — from the curved bill to the mesh backing, patch, and intricate stitching — is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The fabric covering is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. Every hat purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

4Ocean recycled cap
We need to start demanding recycled products. This 4Ocean hat is made from recycled plastic & organic cotton.

4Ocean bracelet = $20
Wearing the 4ocean Bracelet instantly identifies you as a member of the clean ocean movement. It acts as a reminder to curb your consumption of single-use plastic and symbolizes your commitment to a plastic-free ocean. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

4Ocean bracelet
You see them everywhere, these 4Oceans bracelets. Are they helping to remove plastic from the ocean?

4Ocean collapsible travel straw = $25
The 4ocean x FinalStraw Collapsible Travel Straw 2.0 is a surprisingly compact, reusable, metal straw that folds up, fits on your keychain, and assembles itself like magic. Now you can easily refuse single-use plastic straws no matter where your adventures take you. And of course, every reusable straw purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

4Ocean collapsible travel straw
Bring your own straw! 4ocean’s got ya covered 😉

Bureo:  From Nets to Decks

Bureo is on a mission to protect our world’s oceans by focusing on eliminating fishing net pollution.  Bureo’s mission includes offering education to South American countries about the state of our oceans, paying fishermen to recycle their nets (rather than cutting them and dropping them on the ocean floor) and using the repelletized plastic to create skateboards, surfboard fins, sunglasses, and more.

Jenga = $49.95
Bureo X Jenga® Ocean
is the first board game made from 100% recycled fishing nets. A fun family game, this edition of Jenga is made from over 25 square feet of nets sourced through Bureo’s Net Positiva recycling program.  Featuring threatened marine animal block designs, players of Jenga® Ocean are encouraged to ‘Save the Animals’ through special edition rules. Learning about the damaging impact of discarded fishing nets, which account for 10% of plastic pollution in the ocean, players will gain an understanding of how discarded nets are harming marine animals, and learn about what they can do to help. And, it’s FUN.

BUREO Jenga_Iso_Studio_1024x824_c25e6c5d-0559-43c0-a248-3ad55ef8b24e_1024x1024
Bureo X Jenga Ocean creates this new family game made entirely from recycled plastic material. Game pieces represent animals in danger of extinction. Learn how you can help & have FUN.

 Bureo X Futures Alpha Series Fins = $70
 Bureo x Futures Alpha Series fins combine Bureo’s recycled fishing nets with Futures’ Compound 6 carbon and air fusion technology. The result is are fins that are incredibly lightweight and resilient. Featuring advanced foil technology, the Futures template reduces drag and improves performance over standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins. Infused with the resiliency of carbon fiber and the lightness of air, this fin combines performance and responsibly sourced materials to create the next step in innovation from Futures.

Designed and manufactured by Futures in Huntington Beach – California, all recycled materials are sourced from Bureo’s fishnet recycling programs in Chile.

Bureo Futures 3_Fins_in_Board_1024x1024
Bureo X Future Alpha Surf Fins creates a brand new design with both form, firmness and function. Looks good too!

Surfrider Membership

Surfrider Gift Membership with Logo Hat:  $40
Surfrider Membership #1 with Hat:  Surfrider is one of the tried and true activist organizations doing the footwork to protect our water quality and public access to the ocean. You can purchase a full-year membership to Surfrider for a mate and receive a kit including:  brochure outlining Surfrider’s activities in local waterways, Surfrider stickers for your vehicle or board and a Surfrider logo hat showing your support.  Become a part of the solution!  We salute you.

Patagonia for a Better World

Patagonia Matches Donations to Environmental Action Groups
This brand giant also offers an alternative to seasonal shopping with a commitment to our environment.  For every $dollar$ you donate to one of Patagonia’s vetted environmental programs, the brand giant will MATCH YOUR GIFT dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 per donation this holiday.  These are the gifts that just keep giving.

We, at Standup Journal, hope we’ve inspired you to get creative about your holiday gift-giving!  Spend a little $$ have a longer impact.  We salute YOU.

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