Tofino: Women’s Surf Culture & Queen of the Peak

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The women’s surf community in Tofino is as unique as British Columbia is remote. The annual all-women’s surf contest, Queen of the Peak, is a testament of the grit and determination of those women who live & surf there.

Tofino is a Place, a short but mesmerizing documentary video of the women’s surf culture in Tofino will have you packing your bags and heading for the North Coast. Directed, produced and cinematography by Ryan Struck.

Tofino is a Place

Tofino is a Place, a short 4-minute film produced and curated by Ryan Struck, takes a loving wide-eyed look at the women’s surf culture in Tofino, British Columbia.

A surfer and competitor at heart, Ryan starts the Queen of the Peak surf contest, for women-only in order to balance the disfavor of men vs women in the surf culture’s competitive realm. Today, Queen of the Peak is a world renowned and much loved event that draws top competitors from all over the world.  As Ryan says,

“Now, getting into the Semis or even Quarter Finals is almost … well, impossible. (laughs)”

The film above will move you with its iconic imagery, fantastic waves and the weaving of a tale of women uplifting women in the surf community.  Take the time to sit back, and get ready to be inspired.

Aloha, Ryan!
Ryan Struck Photography:

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Let’s hear it for rad people doing incredible things on the water!