Paddle Diva Releases Book on Life Lessons Learned While Paddling

Paddle Diva Ten Guiding Principles author Gina Bradley
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Gina Bradley, a.k.a. the Paddle Diva, has long been a source of inspiration for women on the water.  Pioneering the stand up paddling movement on Eastern Long Island and – today – also encompassing a paddling school in Boca Raton, Florida, Gina Bradley has a lifetime of wisdom from the water.

She is sharing that now with readers in her new release:  Paddle Diva: Ten Guiding Principles to Finding Balance on the Water and in Life, available in bookstores nationwide.

Paddle Diva Ten Guiding Principles author Gina Bradley

Lessons in Life from Paddling:  Paddle Diva’s 10 Guiding Principles

“SUP is practiced on the water, but the Paddle Diva approach to a happier, healthier and better-balanced life exists everywhere.” – Gina Bradley

Live your best life. That’s the Paddle Diva message.  How do we get there? Gina Bradley offers 10 Guiding Principles that “teach women (and men) how to rise up on their paddle boards and in their lives”.  Inspired by the fitness aspect of paddle boarding, Gina Bradley’s Paddle Diva stand up paddling center brings diverse people onto the water to find inspiration and learn to lead better balanced, health-focused and environmentally conscious lives. Her book explains how.

Gina Bradley, Paddle Diva’s author and founder of the Paddle Diva SUP Centre based in East Hampton, NY, exudes enthusiasm, positivity and commitment to helping clients access a deeper part of themselves in order to find success on the water and in life. A few of her Guiding Principles include:

LOOK UP:  Finding a fixed spot on the horizon to help you find your balance.
BELIEVE IN YOUR STRENGTH: Releasing any negative physical story in order to be successful and ‘rise up’ on your board.
FOCUS ON YOUR CORE: Proper alignment in paddling leads to strength in one’s core. Paddle Diva believes we then access that inner strength as we move back into the world in order to make a positive impact.

The Paddle Diva Method:  Connecting to Ourselves & Environment

Paddle Diva:  Ten Guiding Principles to Finding Balance on the Water delves into paddling for fitness, how connecting with water can recharge your mental mindset and attitudes and animates you to take responsibility for our natural resources.

Gina Bradley’s tale touches on multiple collaborations with environmental groups and initiatives, tells stories of inspired teamwork as Gina encourages women to participate in paddle board races and fundraisers as well as reveals her connections with mentors and celebrities like Laird Hamilton, Bethany Frankl and more. Gina Bradley will motivate you, to enjoy your time on the water and live your best life.  That is the Paddle Diva way.

“I see success and failure as nearly equal. Something good always comes out of success, but something good can also come from failure – if you disconnect from your expectations and allow the positive to materialize.  Most people, however, are so afraid to fail that they actually become an obstacle to their own success.” – Paddle Diva

You can purchase Paddle Diva: 10 Guiding Principles on Amazon:  LINK BELOW
Paddle Diva: 10 Guiding Principles to Finding Balance on the Water and in Life

Or, you can visit the Paddle Diva center at 219 3-Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton NY.  Phone:  631-329-2999.  Be sure to tell ’em we sent ya!

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