Retail Mogul Patagonia Speaks to Climate Change: Facing Extinction

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September 20, 2019 (VENTURA, Calif.) – Today, Patagonia joins in solidarity with youth activists peacefully striking for climate action and demanding that governments address the climate crisis. The outdoor apparel company is closing stores and offices globally so employees can join the strikes. They are also asking concerned citizens in the US to text CLIMATE to 71333 to tell Congress there is no room in government for climate deniers.

Patagonia Facing Extinction

Patagonia Stands With Young Activists Calling for Climate Action

Patagonia is encouraged and inspired by the young activists calling for climate action. The mega-retail-mogul stands with these activists in saying that NOW is the time to make changes to address our overheating planet.

To amplify its message, Patagonia supports the campaign with a significant ad buy that will show up along strike routes in select cities around the world and across print, digital and social media platforms. The campaign features photos with “facing extinction” emblazoned across the faces of youth activists. These individuals are facing the climate crisis head-on by striking from school, protesting and calling on elected officials to take action.

Videos, photos and essays featuring the activists will dominate Patagonia’s website and its September journal with a clear and urgent message: Act on climate now because without profound changes, humans could end up on the endangered species list.

Boulder's Beach, Cape Town South Africa Justin Schaay
Climate change effects everyone, everywhere. Take a stand for what’s happening in the environment.

Patagonia President Speaks:

We all must make it clear to our elected leaders that there is no room in government for climate deniers and their inaction is killing us. We need our leaders to act on the science and follow the market forces—do their jobs and create policies that protect our planet and our communities. Our customers are demanding we act—this generation of youth is not backing down and neither should we.” – Rose Marcario, President and CEO, Patagonia.

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