SUP YOGA: How To Do a Headstand with Kelly Huck

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Learn to do a headstand on your SUP! Kelly Huck of SoCal Paddle Yoga creates ease where others might find tension. Her clarity of instruction and insight into body mechanics in this short video make headstand on your stand up paddle board a vision and reality in the not-so-distant future.  Give it a try and have some fun!

Video by: Georgia Schonfeld aka @georgiaphoto

Kelly Huck & SoCal Paddle Yoga:  How-To do a Headstand

Kelly Huck has always had a fun-filled yoga and paddle playground at SoCal Paddle Yoga.  People can come to learn to paddle and transform themselves by doing a little yoga on the board as well.  In this short video, long time practitioner and master yoga teacher, Kelly gives a practical lesson with key points to know for getting yourself inverted for a headstand on a paddle board.

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