STAGE IDEAS seeks Product Testers for Switchblade Double Blade Paddle

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That’s right.  YOU can become a product tester for STAGE IDEAS.  Paddle with this innovative and fatigue-reducing double-bladed paddle, give feed back and TAG them to be a member of the tribe for Stage.  Here’s how:

Become a Product Tester for STAGE IDEA’s Switchblade Paddle

STAGE IDEAS is looking for your feedback and engagement on their innovative double-blade paddle, the Switchblade.  Help them share and grow the love of paddleboarding far and wide!

STAGE switchblade tahoe lake
Post your pix on social media to become a product tester for STAGE IDEAS.

How to Receive Your Switchblade 2.0 for Review

Contact to come on board as a product tester.  Stage will pay for shipping of the Switchblade 2.0 to and from your door!  Don’t throw away the box or packaging. Product testing time is 7 days for you to experience the quality and design of this double-blade paddle.  Your job:  Post your comments and pix to social media, tag @stageideas and become a PRO on giving your review.


Stage Ideas will require a fully refundable $250 deposit for the CF100 (carbon blade) and $125 deposit for the CF60 paddle.  Product testers will receive a 40% discount on the purchase of their own personal paddle and (2) 30% off coupons to give to family & friends to share the love.

Your deposit will be refunded when paddle is returned.

Contact SUPPORT@STAGEIDEAS.COM  for more info!  What have you got to lose?