Pan American Games Usher in the Future of SUP: Race Day in Peru

Pan Am Games SUP Surf Peru
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The Pan American Games in Lima, Peru this week include the introduction of stand up paddle racing and stand up paddle surfing as qualifier events for the future Olympics.  In Tokoyo 2020, we will see regular surfing make its debut in the Olympic Games and, with the addition of SUP into the Pan American standings this year, the industry hopes the sport of stand up paddling will be next.

Pan Am Games SUP Surf Peru

Pan American Games to Award 1st Medals in SUP Racing & Surf

History will be made today when the Pan Am Games competition resumes Friday morning as the discipline of SUP Racing discipline will award its first Gold Medals in the history of the Pan American Games.

The stand up paddle race features a three-lap, five kilometer course through the surf zone at Punta Rocas, Peru that will demand both and precision from the athletes in taking advantage of the powerful waves.

Top contenders of the sport of SUP including the USA’s Connor Baxter and Candice Appleby, will be contested by Canadian powerhouse Lina Augaitis along with Brazil’s Vinnicius Martins, and Peru’s Itzel Delgado. Each will be contesting for the historic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

Itzel Delgado Infinity SUP peru

World Class Performances at Pan Am Games

President of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic, came to the surfing venue at Punta Rocas on Thursday to enjoy the world-class performances on display.

“Everything I’ve seen here today at the Lima 2019 Games is incredible, especially the legacy that this will leave for Surfing in the Americas,” said Ilic. “I congratulate you all, first for the competition, second for the work that you have done, and all that will be left here for the continent. Have a great, successful competition!”

Pan Am Games Izzi Gomez Columbia SUP Surf

ISA President Fernando Aguerre said:

“You can sense the Olympic spirit in the air here at the Pan Am Games. The Men’s and Women’s Tokyo 2020 qualifying slots have been narrowed to likely just six athletes of each gender in the sport of surfing, which has brought out an excitement and passion that is defining our sport.

“I am proud to know that Friday’s SUP racers will contest for the event’s first and historic Gold Medals. It’s amazing to see the ISA’s years of investment, development, and growth of SUP Racing come to fruition and raise the sport to a global stage.”

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Pan Games Schedule — Tentative Schedule

July 29 – Shortboard, longboard
July 30 – Shortboard
July 31 – Shortboard, longboard, SUP surfing
August 1 – Shortboard, longboard, SUP surfing
August 2 – Shortboard, longboard, SUP surfing
August 3 – Shortboard, longboard, SUP surfing
August 4 – SUP racing, shortboard, longboard, SUP surfing


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