Chris Bertish, Transatlantic Solo Paddler, Writes his Book: ALL IN!

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“ALL IN!”  That means everything.  Would you put everything on the line for what you believe in?  Chris Bertish, the madcap South African big wave surfer, stand up paddler, yachtsman and adventurer did when he paddled 4050 nautical miles, solo and without support, across the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, CB is writing his story in his new book entitled, ALL IN!  You can help this dream come to fruition, help a child receive life-altering surgery and make this world a better place.  Here’s how:

Chris Bertish ALL IN cover
Help Chris write the book and help a child who needs it! An innovative new way to crowd source, for the good of the planet.

ALL IN:  How Far Would You Go to Make A Dream become Reality?

ALL IN: What does it mean, any way? Chris Bertish spent 93 days alone, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a stand up paddleboard while we celebrated Christmas, then New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and beyond.

ALL IN!, Chris’ new book, is the true, untold and inspiring story of immense grit and courage and tells the tale of a man finding his passion and true north, or purpose.  He made the attempt, and succeeded, to go the distance and try something that the world believed was impossible. Those 93 days on open ocean, alone, while we were watching revealed the character of a man who spent a lifetime preparing for this singular journey across the Atlantic.

Driven by his passion (to prove it could be done) and his purpose (to help thousands of So. African children to receive help in the form of meals and life-altering surgery), Chris took on a challenge that was greater than himself in order to GIVE BACK, INSPIRE OTHERS and challenge the belief of what is possible.

Chris Bertish thesupcrossing canaries ke nalu paddle
Chris Bertish redefines the word I’mpossible through this transatlantic journey.

ALL IN! Receives Crowdfunding Support

Chris Bertish, a busy man with massive goals, seeks to support the creation of ALL IN! in order complete this chapter of his incredible journey across the Atlantic by offering his first hand account to his readers.

This book is important to me to bring into reality, as I have seen and heard the positive effects of my last book, Stoked!, a #1 Best Seller.  It has inspired people all over the world so I feel it is my duty to keep writing.  Especially, if it has that amazing impact on so many people’s lives …” – Chris Bertish

YOU can support this effort. Chris has set up a Crowdfunding page where individuals can offer any amount to help see the completion of the book.

CLICK BELOW to see the Scale of his Dream:
Chris Bertish Book Crowdfunding Page

Offer YOUR Support to Chris’ Book and Help a Child & Environment

With every amount given, Chris Bertish builds his legacy. He dedicates through this Crowdfunding effort to carve out time to write his book AND help additional children in South Africa through Operation Smile, a non-profit that offers cleft lip & palette surgery to African children born with the disfigurement and by sustaining our environment with the planting of a small forest annually.

For his birthday this year on July 11th, Chris paid for a child’s cleft palette surgery to launch his project. Now, every year, for the next five years, proceeds of his book (made possible through YOUR donations) will pay for 1X operation every year.  He ALSO vows to plant a small forest annually for the next five years in an effort to reforest our planet. Chris is a committed man and his word is his anchor. He is also a certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet partner.

Green Surf Festival Italy Chris Bertish
Ultra endurance athlete, big wave charger and eco-conscious entrepreneur, Chris Bertish shared his experience of crossing the Atlantic ocean, one stroke at a time. Photo by: David Altabev

ALL IN:  Chris Bertish Crowdfunding Page At-A-Glance

As a contributor to CB’s massive effort, there is a give-back program for the Crowdfunding effort for Chris’ book.  Here’s how it looks:

SUPPORTER ($25) – Chris will offer you a simple, yet heartfelt thanks, via Social Media for your $25 contribution.
SUPER SUPPORTER ($50) – Get ready for a personal thanks with your name on the inside of the book for your $50 contribution.
HERO SUPPORTER ($120) – Chris offers a signed book sent to you & includes a special thanks inside the book for your generous $120 contribution.
LEGEND SUPPORTER ($250) – Your give-back includes a signed book, special thanks and a private SKYPE session with CB all for your contribution of $250.
PLATINUM SUPPORTER ($5,000) – You will received your company logo or your name on a stand alone “Thank You” page within the book plus 2 signed copies.

These funds will go towards paying Chris’ bills while he is away writing for two months as well as for the basic editing, graphics and design of the book itself.

INSPIRED? Offer your support HERE!

I’ve been pushing the limits in the ocean from a really young age, across multiple different sports and now use these stories to inspire kids & individuals all over the world to believe in themselves and redefine what’s truly possible… I try to use my business and myself as a positive role model for change and an example to others of what we can do if we want to make a powerful impact on the world, each in our own unique way.” – Chris Bertish

ALL IN Chris Bertish motivational book
5 years of helping Operation Smile, 5 years of reforesting the planet: Chris commits to humanitarian aid and environmentalism through every donation offered to help write his book, ALL IN!

You can follow Chris Bertish on Instagram at:  @chrisbertish  or stay in touch via his website at:

Enjoy the ride.  He is one great motivational force of nature.

Standup Journal Chris Bertish issue
You can read Standup Journal’s report on Chris 93-day crossing in our FALL 2017 issue!  Contact to order your copy!


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