Goosehill 10’6 inflatable SUP: Value at a Cost that is Affordable

Goosehill Sport iSUP 10'6
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Goosehill Sport, Ltc. a stand up paddle inflatable brand out of China, creates an inflatable SUP package including 10’6 iSUP board, travel bag, paddle, leash, fins and pump for $399.  Overall review: Great. Here are the details.

Goosehill iSUP with Body Glove
The Goosehill SUP Rainbow R inflatable comes in three bright colors to chose from: Energy/Turquoise, Sense/Deep Blue, Passion/Red. Photo by: Kevin Ahearn/Standup

Goosehill Rainbow R 10’6 iSUP:  Overall Package Review

Goosehill Sport’s inflatable stand up paddleboard package for $399 comes with the following:

10’6 inflatable SUP
Aluminum adjustable paddle
Magic Backpack for iSUP & equipment
EVA Non-slip deck pad
Center handle

Fins (two built in skegs plus one snap-in center fin)
3rd Generation Pump
Coiled leash
D-rings plus straps

Repair kit

Goosehill Sport offers FREE shipping & return for all orders over $99. There is also a money back guarantee for every purchase as well as 24/7 Online Support.  The Goosehill Rainbow R package costs $399.

Goosehill SUP bag and kit
Board kit includes: 10’6 inflatable SUP, aluminum adjustable paddle, pump, travel bag with wheels, coiled leash, fins and repair kit.

Goosehill Rainbow R:  Board Specs & Design

The Rainbow R, fully inflated covers a wide spectrum of usage.  Board specs are as follows:

Model:  Rainbow R
Board Size:  10’6 X32″X6″ / 320 X 81 X 15cm
Maximum Payload:  551 lbs / 250 kg
Volume:  300 Liters
Maximum Air Pressure:  27 PSI
Net Weight:  20.5 lbs / 9.3kg

The Rainbow R comes in a choice of colors  including:

Energy (turquoise),
Sense (deep blue) and
Passion (red).

Goosehill Sport iSUP 10'2 front
Overall design for Rainbow R: 10’6 X 30″ X 6″ at 300 liters of volume makes for one stable board. Gentle rocker in nose allows for glide over chop. Photo by: Kevin Ahearn / Standup Journal

Goosehill Rainbow R:  Construction

The Rainbow R construction uses a SCE layer reinforcement technology that is durable while maintaining a lightweight and easy to transport board. Goosehill laminates a new layer to the original single layer to create this durable, strong surface.  I looked this board over carefully, running my fingers along the seam and could find no defect or bubbles to interfere with the board’s performance or longevity. It is tight and well constructed.

The core of the Rainbow R is drop-stitch technology which adheres to the top and bottom of the board. This drop-stitch technique holds the core firmly in place providing high level stiffness allegedly “able to withstand being run over by a car after being inflated to full pressure.”*

The EVA deck pad is compressed under high pressure to ensure no defects. In addition, Goosehill provides a high quality air valve to make sure no air escapes from your inflatable during the course of it’s use.

*Of course, once I read that statement about the car, I am – at once – eager to try; however, the truth is, I enjoy by Goosehill Rainbow R and don’t want to destroy it. So, the jury is still out on whether the above statement is true.

Goosehill Sport iSUP Rainbow R turnaround
Rainbow R construction: Attention to side seams, no rifts or bubbles, with SCE layer reinforcement allows for a durable board that is lightweight. Can’t wait to run it over 😉 Photo by: Kevin Ahearn / Standup Journal

Goosehill Rainbow R:  Performance

When I first heard about an inflatable SUP coming in at a cost of $399, I have to admit my expectations were pretty low. However, I am happy to be surprised by Goosehill’s 10’6 Rainbow R iSUP.  This board is well made, looks good and performs great. The front nose shape and rocker, followed by it’s thinner outline makes this a great glide for your buck.

At 27psi, the board is stable and maneuvers well. The 300 liters of volume also allows a user to be comfortable when moving their feet and/or paddling in choppier conditions. The deck pad on the Rainbow R is well designed, soft underfoot and eliminates any slip when the board is wet. I appreciate the D-rings at the front of the board to carry water bottle, camera and drybag for maximum play on the water.

The Rainbow R was easy to put together with it’s snap-in center fin and 3rd Generation pump. It’s an easy 20 minutes from unloading to paddling pleasure. The board has serious volume with 6-inch rails and 300 liters of volume which adds to stability throughout. It is able to carry more than one human (maximum load, 550lbs) when necessary.  All of that is important for recreational paddling and spending quality time on the water with friends and family.

Testing out Goosehill’s stability, I attempted a little SUP Yoga on the Rainbow and was pleased with managing simple poses on the iSUP. One day, I took it out in a headwind chop and appreciated the rocker up front and how it allowed me to glide OVER small chop with minimal resistance and no adverse reactions from the overall performance of the board.  All-in-all, I was impressed with the Rainbow R’s ease of glide, stability and performance.  For $399 value, this is a great board.  Now, about the accessories…

Goosehill SUP full board smile
Goosehill Sport’s Rainbow R comes in 3 dynamic colors like ENERGY (seen here), SENSE (deep blue) and PASSION (red). Photo by: Kevin Ahearn / Standup Journal

Goosehill Rainbow R:  Accessories

Paddle:  Granted, I say this a lot: I am a paddle geek. I like my custom ordered carbon fixed blade paddles. I think their worth every penny and make every paddle experience golden. That being said, the Goosehill aluminum adjustable paddle which comes as part of the Rainbow R package, felt bottom heavy to me and clunky. However, if you’re just using this board for overall recreational use, and don’t want to commit to a higher price point paddle, it’s functional.

Low end adjustable paddles like this tend to have a little waggle in the paddle shaft and Goosehill’s is no different. Adjusting from 175cm/68.9 inches to 215cm/84.65 inches in height, it covers a range of users and can be adjusted through its simple push button lock system to fit your 12 year old niece to my 6’5 older brother.

Goosehill Sport iSUP magic backpack
The Rainbow R Magic Backpack has chest straps, padded shoulder straps and wheels for easy transport though airports. Photo by: Kevin Ahearn / Standup Journal

Magic Backpack:  I was less than impressed with Goosehill Magic Backpack due to it’s overall shape (too high/long) and lack of defined shape. When I hoisted the Magic Backpack onto my back, I couldn’t get it to stand straight up and it towered over my head. The bag sagged forward, forcing me to dip my chin (which was annoying) but also keeled to one side which made walking with it difficult.  I tried a few different ways to pack and repack it, but had no real luck in making it a stronger, easier shape to manage.

The Magic Backpack DOES have wheels, which is genius for travel through airports as you can pull it along with its top handle behind you. In this regard, it works well. But, unless your driveway and beach are asphalt or concrete, the wheels won’t help you getting the whole package down to the water.

3rd Generation Pump:  Another inflatable SUP pump.  It has an easy-to-read gauge on top to mark the psi.  The pump did function well to inflate the board in a relatively easy manner. No air escaped in the process.  I think that is noteworthy.

Goosehill Sport Ltd tri fin setup

Fins:  This board comes with two small attached thruster fins and a snap-in 9′ center fin. The center fin has a clever way it attaches to the board using a small lever attached to the fin by durable rope which locks it into place.

Leash:  The Rainbow R come with a coiled ankle leash which attaches to the D-ring at the back of the board.  The leash design is well made and I appreciated the coil to keep the leash from dragging in the water.  It is functional and durable.  All positive.

Wrapping Up:  Final Thoughts

Yes, Goosehill Sport Ltd is an advertiser. Yes, writing a review was part of our agreement.  But, the fact of the matter is, I am both surprised and pleased to give a positive rating for this board. From the well constructed design, to the added care given to side seam stitching. With the performance of this board on the water and ease of inflation, Goosehill’s Rainbow R is full of ease of performance and utility stoke.

It glides. It is both stable and durable. I like the board. Some of the accessories (paddle and bag specifically), I felt could have held a little more integrity in construction; however,  I’m overlooking that in order to focus on the larger package. This is a full stand up paddleboard kit for $399 and it comes in great colors. The easy setup and snap in center fin are a major plus. It’s a lot of board for your buck.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars. Just do it. You can’t beat the price, anywhere.

PROS for Goosehill Sport Ltd, Rainbow R inflatable iSUP:

PRICE (Did we mention this whole package is $399)?
10’6 Rainbow R design is versatile, stable and rides very well.
Durable construction
Lightweight due to SCE layer reinforcement
Ease of inflation
Decent leash
Cool fins


Travel bag construction could use more integrity/shape
Aluminum adjustable paddle has some waggle
Difficult to choose which color 😉

To learn MORE about Goosehill Sport Rainbow R,  check out their website at:

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See you out there on the water!  Here’s to one summer of adventure 😉

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