Easy Eddy: SUP Hard Board that Collapses into 3 pieces?

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Easy Eddy just created the first hard board SUP design from 3 interlocking pieces making it collapsible for easy storage and transport. Fits inside most cars and SUVs!

Watch the video below for high amusement & learn a little about this board.

Easy Eddy 3-Piece Collapsible Stand Up Paddleboard

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Assemble it in LESS than a minute (yes, that’s 60 seconds) and collapse Easy Eddy for EASY transport in most cars and SUVs.
  2. Easy Eddy has a water tight, built-in storage container to hold your keys, phone, crystals, meditation mala, glasses, small lap dog and more.
  3. Easy Eddy created a pivot design for the collapsible fin.  This allows you to retract the fin and sit on the board on the beach with no stress to fin or board. More easy storage too.
  4. It’s recyclable: No Styrofoam, PVC or fiberglass is used in the construction of this board!
  5. Rugged and durable and STILL weighs only 35 pounds.
  6. A board design unlike any other:  Delivers solid SUP performance worthy of patent protection.
  7. Community Driven: Easy Eddy is asking for input. Email features that are most important to you for your stand up paddleboard to efeinberg@easyeddypaddleboards.command in order to get your voice HEARD and potentially add a key feature to the final design of this board!

Easy Eddy built by Artech Design is taking pre-orders on their website for summer delivery.  From the outpouring of enthusiasm surrounding this shape and construction, you’ll want to get that order in ASAP as these guys may have a long line to produce 😉