Honor Stones: Commemorate a Loved One at DCRF Paddle for a Cause

Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Paddle for a Cause Honor stones
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One of the aspects that make the Dean Randazzo Paddle for a Cause SUP race great, are the multiple ways paddlers & supporters participate, whether they get on the water on June 8th in New Jersey, or not.


Honor Stones:  Creating Tribute for Loved Ones who Passed

Everyone knows someone who’s lives have been touched by cancer. The Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation began Paddle for a Cause as a way to simulate the mental, emotional and physical hardship individuals struggling with cancer face every day.  This 22.5 mile endurance paddle is one that tests a paddler’s mettle and their heart.  Dedicating their efforts to a friend or family member they’ve lost to the disease of cancer is an excellent way to find deeper strength and commitment on the water.

The DRCF also offers paddlers and non-paddlers alike the opportunity to purchase ‘Honor Stones’ dedicated to whomever they choose and used in a special paddle-out tribute to commemorate those beloved friends & family who got struck down by the disease.

For MORE information about the Memorial Paddle Out, click HERE:

Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Paddle for a Cause Honor stones

Purchasing an Honor Stone is easy.

  1.  Go to the website here:  https://thedrcf.org/honor/
  2. Purchase a stone.
  3. Bring it or have someone you know paddle it out for the memorial Paddle Out on June 8th, 2019 before the SUP Race.
  4. Be a part of the special community dedication & tribute to honoring loved ones who have passed.

The event begins at 6:30AM with Race Check-In for the 22.5 mile event which launches at 8:00AM. The paddle out happens at 9:45AM. There are also 8-mile and 4-mile races as well as 8-Mile and 4-Mile Recreational Paddles for non-competitors.  The idea is to get as many people involved comfortable with their skill level to participate in this extraordinary cause.

You can register to race or paddle in the each of those divisions here:

prone paddler dean randazzo cancer foundatoin paddle for a cause

Become a Virtual Paddler and Never Get Wet!

Paddlers and non-paddlers can participate online by becoming a ‘Virtual Paddler’ and participate in fundraising for the event, proceeds of which go back to the Dean Randazzo Research Foundation. Become a Corporate Sponsor OR Sponsor a Paddler on the water! There are so many great ways YOU can get involved.

The Honor Stones are special. Beautifully crafted and organized, offered to the sea in tribute for individuals who’s lives were lost in the battle of this fateful disease.

Come, be a part of the paddle out and offer your blessing for the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation’s Paddle for a Cause.  Your heart will thank you.

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