Adventures with Your Best Friend: Glide SUP Pup & YOU

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When you go on adventures you want your best friend with you. We are talking about that adventure dog you travel with.  In order to have your pup comfortable and secure out there on the water, here are a few colorful tips to make sure both you and your SUP pup are safe & stable while exploring the waterways on your Glide SUP.

SUP Pup on Adventure!  What to Bring for Safety:

When you are taking your dog and stand up paddle board out on the water, you want to make sure you’re prepared for everything. From snacks to water, you’ve got it all for an afternoon of fun & frolic with your pup on board. Here are some tricks of the trade from Glide for safely paddling with your SUP pup!

PFD (Personal Flotation Device):  Make sure you have a PFD on your vessel or around your waist. Some paddlers opt to have a PFD on their pup as well. This is entirely up to you and your experience with your dog’s ability to swim. A PFD or life jacket is also something you want to consider deeply depending on how well your dog will stay on the board. It also makes it easier to snag Fido with a life jacket on if he does slide off.  With a harness on him, you can 1-2-3, pluck him up and place him back on top of your SUP. Most dogs love it!

Leash (Leashes Save Lives!):  Tether yourself to the board with a leash. We recommend Glide SUP’s coiled leash to offer both mobility and flexibility.  It looks pretty dang good too! Then, to protect your pupper, use your leash  – if rope-based – to tether them onto the front of your board. Our Glide SUP hard boards and inflatables SUPs also have tie-down straps at the front to make for a perfect place to support your puppy.

Location (Where to Place Your Fur Ball): Have your furry friend tied to the front of the paddle board so you can keep an eye on him. You also want to be prepared if the water looks delicious & enticing for Ruffs and he decides to jump in. Bombs away!

Glide SUP pup on sup

Snap a SUP Pup Pic: Make Everyone Happy

Pictures:  Be sure to grab a picture or two of you and your pal because it’s just adorable.  Use your self-timer on your phone, a GoPro or grab a friend who can snap your shot to make some memories with your BFF on board!

There you have it! A few tips to keep you and your puppy safe while on a SUP!

Written by:  Shay Riggin
Glide SUP

About GLIDE:

GLIDE is devoted to building the most durable SUP’s on the market. They are a brand founded by paddlers to create boards with shape and construction that is unparalleled.
Glide Paddlesports has been creating the most durable, high performance boards in paddlesports since 2010. Their unique construction coats the EPS and fiberglass core with a patent pending GSS. This polymer layer withstands impact far beyond normal use, while still maintaining a lightweight profile. With hand designed shapes to cover any style of paddling, Glide boards out perform and drastically outlast other brands in a market that’s trending to quality and longevity. Whether you are a casual paddler or a large outfitter, Glide’s performance and durability will keep you cruising through lakes, oceans, and rivers when the water is calling.  For more information, check out:

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