Glide SUP: Making the World’s 1st Indestructible Rental Board

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As retailers know, finding the right rental stand up paddle board that looks good and can withstand heavy use is critical to any SUP outfit’s success. Everyone claims to have the most durable board on the market, but Glide SUP literally tries to destroy their boards every time I see them at the Surf Expo in Orlando.

They’re for real.

Glide: Creating the Most Durable SUP on the Market

Glide SUP created the first rental specific board in 2014.  It was built to give both stability and performance for first-time paddlers to have a great time and achieve success at standing and paddling.

Glide SUP rental stand up paddle board Audrey Utah

Glides rental boards are completely flat and wide through the middle where the paddler stands which creates a very efficient stability for a newbie paddler. Next, they lowered the rocker in the nose and tail in order to get the board up to speed as fast as possible. Momentum leads to stability. Having a little speed under the board makes it much more stable. The bottom of Glide’s rental fleet has a deep ‘V’ in the tail in order to aid with tracking and keeping the board going straight which can be a challenge for first-time paddlers.

Each board also comes with a full and colorful deck pad with a great brushed finish. The pad makes each board very comfortable to stand on and, as it runs the entire length of the board, this feature also makes it great for taking kids along for the ride.

Glide SUP rental stand up paddleboard Audrey Utah2

Specifically designed for rental board outfits across North American, Glide SUP’s rental boards are made with their proprietary GSS finish to make each board ultra durable.

Check out Glide’s, “Will it break?” video series to see how durable this sturdy stock of stand up paddle boards truly are.  Each rental board also has a lock hole in the tail so SUP outfitters can lock up the boards at the end of the day.  Glide SUP’s rental board was created to be a maintenance free board to serve your rental needs year after year.

Aloha, Glide!