Dave Boehne speaks: The 2019 INFINITY Blackfish

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This board has won races all over the world including a World Championship title for Shae Foudy at the APP World Tour.  It was also present as a Gold Medal winner at the ISA World Championships, the Pacific Paddle Games Pro and Pro Junior divisions, as well as taking home a Gold Medal at the Pan AM Paddle Games in 2018.  It’s got a lot under the hood.  Here is owner/shaper Dave (aka the Brown Blurr) Boehne talking detail about his latest winning design.

2019 Infinity SUP /// Blackfish from InfinitySURF on Vimeo.

When Dave Boehne talks, we all gotta listen. I mean, the guy is almost single-handedly taking over the SUP industry in North America. His boards are under the feet of some of the top athletes, celebs and frothing fiends on the planet (think Kai Lenny).

The 2019 Infinity Blackfish design is full of specs and deets worth hearing. Give yourself a moment to learn more about this all-around – from sprinting, to open ocean to recreational paddling – stand up paddle board.

Are you a “Speed Freak” in the making?