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Standup Journal is proud to host this year’s Air France Paddle Festival through a LIVE FEED on the Standup Journal website on Saturday, April 6th, 2019.

Air France Paddle Festival Tim McKenna Photography men elite sup race huts
Photo by: Tim McKenna Photography

Air France Paddle Festival: April 6th on Standup Journal

Let the season begin!  The Air France Paddle Festival comes to you LIVE from Standup Journal to kick off the 2019 stand up paddle racing season.  This event, now in its 5th year, showcases the natural beauty of Tahiti while gathering the best in the world of SUP racing for a supreme elite adventure.

Also acting as The Paddle League’s kick off event for the 2019 season, the Air France Paddle Festival celebrates all levels of paddlers from beginners, to novice and elite racing events.  This premiere stand up paddling festival in the Pacific captures more than $30,000 in prize money.

Air France Paddle Festival Tim McKenna Photography men elite sup ra
Photo by: Tim McKenna Photography

Watch the Air France Paddle Festival Elite Race LIVE at

We’ll be streaming the entire race LIVE via the Standup Journal website, following the action and listening to the commentators on this opening race of the Paddle League’s 2019 season.  This major event in the SUP racing circuit is being broadcast on national TV via TNTV Tahiti Nui Television and we are excited to be streaming the main feed to bring you an up close look of this first race in the Paddle League’s new season from both on the ground and including live drone footage.

Race Day is Saturday, April 6th.  Get ready, for non-stop LIVE action from Tahiti!

Main Event Elite Race Course Times Across the Globe

The main event – a 24KM elite course – will be live on our site at 5PM EST.  See below for viewing times around the globe.

11.10am Saturday in Tahiti
11.10am Saturday in Hawaii
2.10 pm Saturday in California (Pacific)
4.10 pm Saturday in Peru
5.10 pm Saturday in Florida (Eastern)
6.10 pm Saturday in Brazil
10.10 pm Saturday in the UK
11.10 pm Saturday in South Africa
11.10 pm Saturday in France
11.10 pm Saturday in Spain
11.10 pm Saturday in Germany
12.10 am SUNDAY in Greece
12.10 am SUNDAY in Israel
12.10 am SUNDAY in Ukraine
4.10 am SUNDAY in Thailand
5.10 am SUNDAY in Western Australia
6.10 am SUNDAY in Japan
7.10 am SUNDAY in Queensland
8.10 am SUNDAY in N.S.W.
8.10 am SUNDAY in New Caledonia
10.10 am SUNDAY in New Zealand

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Join Standup Journal as we celebrate LIVE the Air France Paddle Festival in Tahiti!