SUP for Exercise from a Physician’s POV

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SUP Exercise:  This video explores a great journey into the health and wellness side of stand up paddle boarding.  Join physician John Batson in this short video with Inside Science to explore the ways stand up paddling benefits the body, mind & spirit.

Paddle boarding is “a wonderful sport with a great community.” – John Batson

Stand Up Paddleboarding:  A Fresh Look at the Exercise from a Physician’s POV

John Batson is a physician and paddler from Hilton Head, South Carolina. He is also a Starboard SUP North American team rider. He comes from a long background in kiting, cycling and more. In this video, Batson explores all the way we use stand up paddling for fitness:  Racing, SUP Yoga, Fishing, Surfing, Touring and more.

Baton’s background in medicine gives insight into some of the injuries that occur from the repetitive motion of SUP.  He offers alternative exercises to strengthen the rest of your body (namely core) to withstand the rigors of SUP.  Also, he says balancing paddle boarding with other exercises that give time to rest the upper body, gives the athlete time to recover and enjoy fitness in a myriad of ways.

The video explores the diversity of paddling as an exercise that gets you out in nature, exploring your waterways and feeling connected to the earth.