#StopSucking for a Strawless Ocean

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Starboard’s innovative #stopsucking campaign launches on social media today through Friday, March 29th in order to spread awareness about single use plastic and encourage paddlers to protect the planet.

Watch the ‘Stop Sucking’ video below. Next, read how you can win free eco-conscious supplies from Starboard to support your environmental efforts.

Eliminate Single Use Plastics with #stopsucking Campaign

In order to raise awareness about the growing blight of plastics infiltrating our world’s oceans and waterways, Starboard invites you to participate in  their newest environmental campaign called #stopsucking.

For additional ways Starboard Blue spearheads initiatives for the environment, click here.

Raise Awareness:  Be a Leader for the Environment

Here’s what you need to do.  For the next 3 weeks:

  • Publish a picture or video on Instagram of your drink without any plastic straw;
  • Share WHY we don’t need plastic straws;
  • Hashtag #stopsucking and tag @starboardsup and @starboardwindsurfing

The campaign will run Friday, March 8th – Friday, March 29th, 2019.

Starboard will draw 2 winners each week via Instagram Live Feed at Taco Lake. Winners will receive a Starboard eco-product hamper that includes:
1. Starboard bamboo utensil set
2. Starboard “Do You Still Suck?” tee
3. Bamboo straws for you and your friends.

Let’s get to clicking and eliminate the sucking!  Thank you, Starboard.