Chris Parker steps down: cites burn-out as cause for taking a break

Chris Parker SUP Racer
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The legend sits down.  Chris Parker, founder/creator of the online SUP resource SUP Racer, cites burn-out as his need to take a break from relentless travel, writing and diminishing returns.

But there are plans in the works for a new horizon.  Stay tuned!

Chris Parker SUP Racer

SUP Racer to Take a Pause

Chris Parker has long been the voice of stand up paddle racing.  Ever present with mic and laptop in hand, Chris “The Bossman” Parker is usually on hand at most of the sport’s major events including the Pacific Paddle Games, the Carolina Cup and multiple European races.  His electric writing style and hilarious presence, along with Bossman’s pure energy and stoke has helped bring the sport of SUP Racing to where it is today.

Singlehandedly, he’s been carrying quite a load.

Today, Chris announced his need to close the laptop and take a break from writing for SUP Racer and his madcap adventures all over the planet.  Exhaustion, diminishing returns and a need to ‘normalize’ his heady lifestyle with taking care of himself are reasons behind his decision announced today at

SUP Racer to Rise Again

However, (big surprise) he’s not done yet.  Chris promises to come back with a new platform including daily LIVE Facebook shows and other antics not yet formalized. As he says,

“my single biggest focus (and motivator) is a desire to tell authentic stories about our sport that really connect with people”.

He also reiterates his involvement with The Paddle League is still ongoing with assurances to his audience that the 2019 Paddle League racing schedule including World Title rankings will be coming soon.  More on that on the horizon.

We’ll Be Waiting, Bossman.  Rest Up.

Whatever your future holds Bossman, we salute you.  Your writing style and energy is a worthwhile component of this great sport.  Your pure stoke on commentating (what was better than Chris losing his voice at the PPG’s because of his excitement?) a force to be reckoned with.  Wherever you go, there you are.

At Standup Journal, we have NO doubt that this icon of SUP racing will be back, perhaps in a new form, to create a world of energy and new creations.  We look forward to that rebirth.  In the meanwhile, Bossman… take a rest.  We’ve got you covered until you’re ready.

Aloha, Chris.  Ride on!




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