Surfing Chicama, the World’s Longest Wave with Casper Steinfath

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Driven by “mad dreams of perfect Peruvian lines”, Casper Steinfath takes a solo journey through Chicama searching, endlessly searching, for a wave to SUP, surf or foil.


Viking on Tour: “Surfing Chicama – the World’s Longest Wave?”

Chicama is a legendary left-hander surf break, often toted as one of the longest waves in the world. Surfers from all over the globe come to check out the tasty offerings of this Peruvian surf dream, including Denmark’s surf viking Casper Steinfath.

“Do you see those micro peelers?  I’m going to get pitted!  I wish I was a mouse right now.” – Casper Steinfath

Using his signature Naish SUP surfboards, a shortboard and his foil, Casper makes good work of Chicama’s legendary break. Casper’s sense of play & frivolity are part of what keeps this Naish team rider at the top of the leaderboard in most SUP racing & surfing events.  He is driven and focused and equally capable of creating antics that leave us in stitches.

Watch “Viking on Tour:  Episode 3:  The World’s Longest Wave?” for an 8-minute adventure into Peru’s renowned surf break.  Stay tuned for more from Casper Steinfath’s Vlogs in the months ahead!