Adventure Calls: Get On (an Inflatable) Board

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Adventure is always calling.  It’s how we approach or listen to the call that matters. Red Paddle Co makes it easy with their dedicated range of ultimate touring and voyager boards for 2019.  Listen in.

Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddleboards
Adventure calls: Where do you want to adventure next with your inflatable SUP? Photo by: Red Paddle Co

Inflatables:  Wave of the Future in SUP Adventure

As the world’s leading inflatable SUP brand, the Voyager board range from Red Paddle Co is specifically designed to make your penchant for adventure as accessible as possible.

Unpack. Inflate. And, go.

Whether you’re new to paddling or a seasoned water adventurer, nothing matches the freedom of escaping the daily grind and hightailing it out to explore your local lake, beach or river.

“When adventure calls, it is a hard resist the urge to break away from the day-to-day and head out in search of freedom, discovery and fun.”

Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddleboards
Simply unpack, inflate & go. Inflatable boards are a cinch to travel with and are, literally, an adventure in a bag. Photo by: Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co Voyager Touring Board

In comes a dedicated touring board, designed to take your paddling to the next level, This same board is also super stable and comfortable for more relaxed moments like soaking in your surroundings and enjoying a hard-earned snack from the line’s dual cargo tie-down system. Red Paddle Co touring boards host a sleek shape and unrivaled stiffness to allow you to paddle further and faster than ever. The ease and comfort of transport and accessibility to new water spots changes your perspective to discover a new location with ease.

“When adventure calls, it is a hard resist the urge to break away from the day-to-day and head out in search of freedom, discovery and fun. Whether it be an internal desire to pioneer new waters or a chance to simply catch up with friends and family on your doorstep.” says George Shillito, Head of Customer Experience at Red Paddle Co.

“Adventures come in all shapes and sizes and is not exclusively reserved for the fearless and brave.  We’ve designed our Voyager range to be prepared for anything that life throws at our way, no matter how big or small the trip!”

Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddle
Whether you’re exploring your own backyard or are traveling to adventure, the inflatable SUP is a marvelous tool to pack, carry & go. Photo by: Red Paddle Co

If you’ve always dreamed of embarking on your own SUP adventure but are unsure where to start, be sure to check out Red Paddle Co’s simple guides for creating your own paddle boarding adventure and cold water paddling.

To find out more about the Voyager Range, as well as Red Paddle Co’s dedicated white water and Yoga SUPs, check out:

About Red Paddle Co: Red Paddle Co is an inflatable paddle board manufacturer based in the UK which is selling its products to 60 countries worldwide. They believe that riding an inflatable paddle board shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. Riding a Red Paddle Co board offers the ultimate in convenience while delivering an authentic experience.

Adventure Calls:  THE CAMPAIGN

Throughout the months of February and March, Red Paddle co will be running their ‘Adventure Calls’ campaign. The campaign is set to shine the spotlight on the best inflatable paddle boards to embark on an epic SUP adventure.

This month, the mighty Voyager range of inflatable SUPs are at center stage. These boards offer unrivaled stiffness and stability making them ideal for carrying camping gear, while their profiled noses make them perfect for high-speed cruising, so you can paddle farther for longer.

ADVENTURE CALLS: THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD Whenever adventure calls, no matter how big or small, you’ll find the perfect ride among the Red Paddle Co range of ultimate adventure inflatable paddle boards.


And to top all that off, the Red Paddle Co UK team are running an awesome competition for one lucky winner to win the ultimate SUP adventure package!

In March the focus will shift to Red Paddle Co’s latest innovation the all new Compact 9’6” – the world’s smallest, most transportable SUP package. So, keep an eye out, there are more adventures to come.

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