Get Started on Your Indo Board – a Tutorial

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Want to develop your balance training but have no idea how to get started?  The Indo Board is a renowned fitness tool that has served surfers and paddlers for DECADES for improving performance on the water.

What is that darn thing anyway?  Don’t worry 😉  We’ve got you covered.  Here is a quick tip tutorial on utilizing your Indo Board for beginners.

Indo Board balance trainer:  Use Your Core and Stay Balanced

I’ve used an Indo Board for years to enhance my balance training. True statement.  I’m not just saying that. When I got serious about surfing and stand up paddle racing,  I needed a way to summon my fast twitch response and develop leg strength for greater balance. The Indo Board is the perfect fit.

Training your leg, glute and core muscles to help stabilize the body in space, especially in rough water conditions, makes a huge difference in overall fitness AND helps improve balance.

When you’re on the Indo Board, the user is utilizing the same muscles we use on our board to stay upright:  feet, calves, thighs and belly are all engaged. Then, negotiating the swinging motion of the roller (if on the original Indo Board or Indo “Longboard”) brings those muscles into sharp focus and quickly enhances strength and stability.

The Indo Yoga Board is also a functional tool for stability whereas a regular yoga practice, brought onto this 5′ long slightly unstable surface, requires the yoga practitioner to really work those foundational muscles (see above) in order to maintain equipoise and balance.

You’ve got to start somewhere. So, why not work with the tried and true methods of the Indo Board, created by East Coast Hall of Fame surfer Hunter Joslin?  It works. Ask around. Everybody’s got one.

For more information about where to order your Indo Board, check out their website at:

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