Werner Paddles+ Kialoa: New merger for one great paddling community

Jessica Chichra Zen Werner Paddles
Werner Paddles and Kialoa come together to create one strong paddling brand.
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Werner Paddles and Kialoa decide to come “together on the water” and combine resources in a new merger within the stand up paddling industry.

Kialoa merges with Werner Paddles to create dynamic brand in SUP, Outrigger, Kayak & Dragon Boat communities

Effective January 1st, 2019 Bruce Furrer, President of Werner Paddles and Dave and Meg Chun, owners of Kialoa, agreed to a new partnership between the two paddle companies to create a strong team providing even better paddles and services to the Kialoa community.

Werner Paddles is to lead the manufacturing of all future paddles. In return, Meg and Dave Chun, freed from the production process, will focus the full force of their energies on celebrating the paddling community. This creates a new paradigm wherein Kialoa is now a part of the Werner Paddles family.

Big Eddy Paul Clark Kialoa
Innovator/designer and white water paddler Paul Clark gives the Big Eddy a test run in Oregon’s rapids.

Dave Chun of Kialoa: “Blending of the brands is perfect fit.”

“When we began to consider a manufacturing partner for us to grow Kialoa, Werner Paddles was on the top of our list,” proclaims Dave Chun who has been making Kialoa brand paddles since 2004.  “Werner is a family run, Pacific Northwest company with deep roots in the kayak and stand up paddling communities. The blending of the brands is a perfect fit.”

Bruce Furrer from Werner: “We are thrilled.”

“We have admired the Kialoa brand for years,” says Bruce Furrer. “We are thrilled to be growing our paddle family to include outrigger and dragon boat paddles with the leading brand and leading ambassadors in Meg and Dave.”

Kialoa will remain in Bend, Oregon with Meg and Dave leading the sales and marketing efforts.

Werner Paddles Kialoa dragon boat racing
Kialoa will bring expertise in both Dragon Boat & Outrigger paddling to the Werner Paddles team.

“Together on the Water,” represents the growing community of stand up, kayak, outrigger and dragon boat paddlers across the North American region. With the joining of Werner Paddles and Kialoa, that family will continue to flourish.

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