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SEE YA THERE! Oct. 20th, Mission Bay, San Diego: GET ONBOARD FOR NATURE!

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By Clay Feeter, Publisher of Standup Journal

Jump in with our sport’s pros, heroes & local sup families at the Panda Paddle race & festivities, Bonita Cove, San Diego – a fun, all-levels and all-ages Saturday sup event, sponsored by Target

Sign up today and make your plans! It’s the World Wildlife Federations’ inaugural Panda Paddle, coming to San Diego’s Mission Bay, Sat., Oct. 20th.

Hi Everybody,
We are so honored to help get the word out about the Panda Paddle festival! It is open to everybody, and is powered 100% by solar energy—featuring sup yoga, face painting, delicious food trucks, and a live performance by San Diego songwriter/singer Tristan Prettyman, a local sup paddler!

Paddling to Make a Difference

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is making an impact with their first-ever athletic fundraising event. The Panda Paddle, sponsored by Target, builds upon WWF’s more than 50 years of addressing the planet’s interconnected challenges; blending a world-class standup paddle competition with a world-changing cause – protecting the natural world and all it gives us.

“Panda Paddle is an invitation for participants to race in nature, for nature and compete to conserve,” said Jon Cass, manager of peer-to-peer fundraising at WWF. “Panda Paddle will reawaken a personal relationship with the natural world and offer an experience so much more than open waters, blue skies and coastline – participants will discover their own power to protect and preserve the planet.”

“Blending a world-class standup paddle competition with a world-changing cause – protecting the natural world and all it gives us”

Panda Paddle’s courses are designed and directed by Southern Cal legendary pioneer sup paddler Anthony Vela. Participants can choose between a 10K solo endurance challenge or a 5K course that can be done individually or as part of 2-person or 4-person relay teams.

Meet a big fan of the Panda Paddle and wildlife preservation—one of standup paddling’s original pros: Southern Cal sup pioneer Anthony Vela.

“Standup paddling is the fastest growing watersport in the world. Having myself paddled in over 200 events all over the world; in rivers, lakes, harbors and in the open ocean, I feel a deep connection to the sport and the waters we race in. It is an incredible opportunity to come together to conserve the planet that we love,” says Vela.

From experienced athletes to first time paddlers, to join the Panda Paddle movement participants will need a passion for conservation and a respect for the natural world. Paddlers will channel their energies equally into fundraising for WWF and paddling for the finish line. A land-based festival will coincide with Panda Paddle, offering music, food, and interactive experiences for the entire family.

Meet and paddle with San Diego songwriter/singer Tristan Prettyman who will be performing “Live” during the Panda Paddle, Saturday, Oct. 20th, Mission Bay, San Diego.

“Individually, we’ll get on boards. Together, we’ll take a stand,” says Cass.

To learn more about Panda Paddle and sign up for the event, visit

About World Wildlife Fund

WWF is one of the world’s leading conservation organizations, working in 100 countries for over half a century. With the support of more than 5 million members worldwide, WWF is dedicated to delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment and combat climate change. Visit to learn more and keep up with the latest conservation news by following @WWFNews on Twitter.

For more information, please contact:
Megan Chinsky, World Wildlife Fund, (202) 495-4634,

Photos by Nate Dappen

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