Standup for Women: a WND&WVS podcast with Gabby Reece

Gabrielle Reece WND&WVS podcast Laird Hamilton
Gabrielle Reece WND&WVS podcast Laird Hamilton
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From growing up on a small Caribbean island, to becoming one of America’s all-time fitness icons as a professional volleyball player to marrying the legend famed with bringing stand up paddling to the States, Gabrielle Reece has quite a story.

Here is a recent podcast from the crew at WND&WVS with one helluva lady.

Gabby lived in St. Thomas until her Junior year of High School and then moved to Florida to play volleyball competitively.  She was quickly spotted by recruiters and offered a free ride to Florida State in order to play for them.

College volleyball led to pro volleyball which led Gabby to becoming one of the first ‘fitness models’ to break onto the scene where a woman didn’t have to look emaciated & thin to draw attention.  Statuesque, fit as a fiddle and strong, Gabrielle Reece helped change the face of modeling as we know it.

In all seriousness, I still have my copy of Women’s Fitness from 1980-something boasting a cover shot of Gabby on the cover as she became my fitness icon and the type of strong woman I wanted to be.  Thanks, Gabby.

On the playing field, Reece continued to dominate as a pro and – to date – still holds multiple records for most blocks and most kills.  She didn’t just look good; she was, and is, a beast of a player.

Gabby is the complete package.  She is strong, confident, athletic, intelligent and pulsing with an entrepreneurial drive that keeps her busy rooting out opportunities and following them.  She met her husband, Laird Hamilton, while interviewing him for Xtreme TV and quickly moved to Hawaii to settle down and start a family with ‘The Laird’.

Recently, they’ve joined forces to develop the XPT (a.k.a. Extreme Pool Training) program wherein they encourage guests to push their personal limits regardless of how their abilities stack up in terms with other members of the group.  Everyone walks away with an enhanced level of performance and a story to tell.

Laird and Gabby are very open about the work they’ve had to put into their relationship to stay on the same page with each other.  Raising two girls, working with two different parenting techniques isn’t easy.  But, despite having two major fitness icons as parents while growing up, the girls remain grounded and the family holds together as a tight knit unit bonded by common love and respect like any other family.

Sit back and enjoy this close up look at a lady who is self-created, stands in her strength, and faces a world of mayhem being married to a guy like Laird.

Thanks, WND&WVS for another great listen!



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