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One Of The World's Most Versatile Waterman | Mo Freitas
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Everyone sat up when Mo Freitas announced his decision to leave longtime sponsor Focus Sup Hawaii in December of 2017.  The suspense was terrific.

Arriving full-throttle onto the Boardworks/Rogue team for this year, Mo speaks to Standup Journal about his hopes, plans & goals for the year ahead.  Check out this exclusive interview with one of the most elusive, talented and hard won champions in stand up paddling, Boardworks’ new star, Mo Freitas.

Mo Freitas Connor Baxter Boardworks
Mo Freitas and Connor Baxter battle it out to the finish in one of the most exciting upsets of the 2017 season at the ISA World Championships in Denmark. Photo by: Ben Reed Photo

Standup Journal:  Mo, thanks for talking with us.  What do you hope to gain by coming over to the Boardworks team? How does this new partnership help you to develop as a water athlete?

“Boardworks has an insane line of performance paddle equipment. I am excited to ride all of the Boardworks brands and product launching this year, including Rogue, CRNT and Froth. With such a deep quiver, I know I’ll never have a boring day on the water.” – Mo Freitas press release on joining Boardworks team

Mo Freitas:
When I was looking at the different companies to sign with, I had to be very picky. A lot of stand up paddle brands only make Sup paddleboards, and for me, I have always enjoyed all water sports like short boarding, long boarding, foiling along with Sup Surfing and Sup Racing. Boardworks literally makes all of the gear I’ll ever need!  And, I’ll be able to continue doing whatever the ocean is calling for with their high-performance boards. It is the perfect fit for what I want to do in the future and with what Boardworks is all about.

Mo Freitas surf APP World Tour
Mo Freitas is one of the world’s great all-around waterman. Four years younger than his counterpart Kai Lenny, many believe Mo to be equally versatile and competitive in all-around watersports. Photo by: APP World Tour

SJ:  What are your three biggest goals for 2018?

Mo:  I’d like to take another title! Other than that, I’d like to place in every event I enter.

I’d like to balance that with more surf trips and explore rad places to adventure. I’ve always loved Sup Racing so I’ll continue entering races, but maybe just the bigger events.

I’m pretty excited to do some more foiling too.  It’s such a unique way to ride waves and the sport is still so young. It will be fun to help design and test foils for Boardworks to see what works in certain conditions.

I would  also like to do more clinics and help people in any way they think they need.  Personally, there’s always room for improvement and listening to other people really helps me shape who I want to be.

With all that being said, I guess my goals are:  train harder, listen more, and share the love of paddling and surfing.

Mo Freitas Body Glove Boardworks
Mo Freitas is a signature athlete for Body Glove wetsuits. His passion for surf as well as sup racing is a competitive edge that keeps him closing in on that podium in every event.

SJ:  After your 2017 World Title on the ISA World Tour, will you be focusing your training on keeping that title? If so, how so?

Mo:  For sure! The ISA has always been one of my favorite events. I love how it brings the best athletes from all over the world to compete and represent each nation. It’s the one event that makes surfing feel like a team sport and I think that is needed in this sport.

It’s not easy to win any division in this event though. A lot of people say that it is the biggest stand up paddle event of the year.  Every year athletes are stepping up their training routines. So, each year I know I have to train even more.  I guess that would be my “how so” (laughs).

Mo Freitas Boardworks Rogue
Enigmatic, versatile, and extremely talented, Mo Freitas will help with designing boards at Boardworks as well as surfing, racing and competing on them.  BEST of luck in the year ahead, Mo.   We are rootin’ for ya here at Standup Journal!

SJ:  What is your favorite type of food?

Mo:  My go to dinner is something along the lines of quinoa, beans, salad, and a protein (chicken, steak, etc.), whatever I’m in the mood for.

SJ:  What is your fav place to surf?

Mo:  My favorite wave would have to be right down the street from where I live. It’s a wave that is good no matter if it’s 1 foot or 15 feet. There’s a big current that rips though on bigger days so it’s nice to have my Stand Up because I need all that volume. I also learned how to surf there, so it’s a pretty special place to me.

SJ:  What are your go-tos in terms of gear besides boards/paddles?

Mo:  I tend to roll with surfboards, skateboards, foils, fishing poles, spear guns, yoga mats and rollers, my ukulele, camera, computer, sunblock (most important!), and Journal. That pretty much sums up everything I do, use or have a passion for.

Thanks so much, Mo for giving us an inside look at what to LOOK for in terms of passion and commitment in 2018.  It’s going to be one great ride!

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