Searching the world for unchartered waves – the Bouvet family finds paradise on an atoll

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What’s on a good sup surf safari adventure?  Finding fresh water on an atoll … and learning to surf the life there.   Check out this dramatic video by Manu Bouvet and BIC Sup.

Taking a cargo ship to a sustainable island in search of perfect waves.  Manu Bouvet shares his journey with Standup Journal.

A far cry from modern transportation, the Kwai is one of the last sail-powered cargo ships on the planet. It is the only conversation happening between the Line islands, a myriad of atolls spread over thousands of square miles of the Pacific Ocean and a far cry from the rest of the world. When its load allows, the Kwai carries a few passengers.

In this video, we witness how Carine Camboulives, Manu Bouvet and their two daughters take a ride back in time to a simpler, sustainable form of living.  This aquatic family has been on the search for empty waves off the beaten path for years.  What they get here is nothing short of enlightenment.  The Kwai drops them off on Fanning Island, an atoll with no water or electricity. The family disembarks with hopes the Kwai will be back in a few weeks to pick them up.

What they experience on Fanning Island is so much more powerful than the joy of empty waves.  Together, they share with us this unique story made up of surprising encounters including Bruno, a modern day Robinson Caruso.  They experience a tiny island, forgotten by time in extreme isolation from the rest of the world that offers sunlit spectacular kiteboarding sessions and reels of empty perfect waves.

On Fanning Island, the notion of sustainability is a matter of life & death.  Enjoy the journey and be inspired.  Let the search continue!