How to stay motivated in your Sup Yoga practice this winter!

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Motivation. It’s a challenge. How do we stay motivated in our paddling life and our Sup Yoga practice when the winter months set in and the world turns to ice?  Here is Starboard Sup Yogi, Jodi Lee’s perspective on all things winter.

Jodi and daughter Sup Yoga Starboard1080
Teaching our loved ones how to paddle is one great way to stay motivated! Here is Jodi Lee paddling in Ottawa with her daughter having fun.  Photo by: Dan Gavere

Sup Yoga: Staying Motivated During The Winter Months

Being a mother of an energetic three-and-a- half year old as well as a full-time Registered Nurse and wife, I find the winter months extremely difficult to stay motivated for my Sup Yoga practice.  I live in Canada which makes it even more challenging as all our bodies of water become covered in ice.

Indoor Sup Yoga & Fitness classes

An Indoor Sup Pool Fitness/Yoga and home yoga practice including yoga challenges are a few of the ways to stay motivated during the winter months.

I am fortunate enough to be a part of a wonderful team at Urban Ocean’s Stand Up Paddle in Ottawa Ontario.  I teach Sup Yoga/Fitness for Urban Ocean as well participate in the other team members’ classes during the winter months. This keeps my skills sharp and provides a fun environment to look forward to during the longest months of the year. Once spring is in the air and the ice is off the water, we get back to teaching and paddling outdoors.

SUP Yoga Starboard pool inflatable
Jodi takes her Sup Yoga/Fitness practice indoors during the winter months to stay sane and motivated. Photo by: Dan Gavere

Home Practice & Motivation

Winter time is when I try and tap into my at home practice. I have found it easier now that my daughter loves to practice too as she imitates and plays along.  Through her, I have found a new love for kid’s yoga.  It gives us special mother-daughter bonding time.  Together, we are up every morning between 5am and 6 am when we try to get a little practice in. What better way to start your day than with someone you love and a little laughter and excitement?

When I find that my motivation and self discipline lacking during these long winter months, I turn to online challenges. Thirty-day online yoga challenges help me stay motivated and empower my self-discipline. The most difficult part of any yoga challenge is showing up and getting started. Once I am in the challenge for a few weeks, I start to crave it.  And after the month I am finding myself full of motivation and excitement to try new challenges or new practices.

Jodi Lee @JodiSUPLife

Dear Reader:    How do YOU stay motivated for your paddle & Sup Yoga practice in the winter months?  We’d love to hear in the comments below!


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