Bob Purdy – legendary paddle activist passes away at 64

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Bob Purdy is a legend.  He paddled because he could.  He paddled because he loved it.  And, he used the voice of stand up paddling to send a message about how we are living on this planet.

Purdy’s legacy includes both a film, “The Paddler” (see video trailer below)  and a celebration, World Paddle for the Planet.  Before he ailed and left us, he once paddled for 2,100 consecutive days in Tofino, BC as his own personal Paddle for the Planet challenge.  He was a living example of how we can exemplify our love & passion for #StandupfortheEnvironment.   Bob Purdy’s legacy lives on.  It is up to us to carry the message.

Bob Purdy:  Paddler & Activist passed away, leaving behind a legacy to live up to

Bob Purdy was a local legend in the Kenowla region of British Columbia.  He was often seen with a great smile and a paddleboard, working his way along the shores of Okanagan Lake.

Bob passed away last week of cancer at the age of 64.

World Paddle for the Planet Bob Purdy 2
Bob Purdy completes his own World Paddle for the Planet challenge after 2.100 days of paddling. Photo: World Paddle for the Planet

Bob Purdy founded the Paddle for Planet Movement and World Paddle for the Planet Day.  He activated his passion for stand up paddling as a way to bring awareness and attention to the need for clean water protection.

Since its beginning, World Paddle for the Planet events have taken place in Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, South Korea and Abu Dhabi.  In 2012, Purdy paddled the entire 135 KM length of Lake Okanagan as part of his awareness raising efforts.  He completed his own Paddle for the Planet 2,100 day challenge in Tofino of September of 2016.

Bob Purdy, local legend and paddler for the environment, passes away at 64  Photo: So Wal/ World Paddle for the Planet

A memorial paddle out and group gathering took place last Saturday in Kelowna, BC to remember this great man and activist.

We are proud paddlers to have such inspiring human beings in our midst.  Please, paddle ON!




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