Russia sets NEW WORLD RECORD for largest EVER Sup Parade at 844 paddlers!

Russia SUP World Record attempt SUP parade 2
Russia SUP World Record attempt SUP parade 2
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When you think of a community able to put enough paddlers on the water at once to set a new World Record, your first thought might not be … Russia?  But, on September 10th 2017,  the Vladivostok community in Russia, a city that sits on the coastline of the Sea of Japan, set a new World Record for the largest Sup Parade in the world at 844 paddlers.

Russian 2017 SUP World Record attempt aerial
World Record attempt organizers gave every paddler a wristband to be counted as they entered, and later, as they exited the water in order for the event to be considered an ‘official World Record Attempt’. 844 wristbands later … the Russians succeed!

Russians attempt new World Record of Sup

The inspiration behind the 2017 Russian World Record attempt came from a young lady from Vladivostok, Russia named Yana Ivleva. Yana is active in the local Sup community and runs a small stand up paddle rental kiosk, offers lessons, organizes paddle tours and events. It was kind of her “kid’s dream” to set a world record. She looked up the previous world’s records for the largest amount of stand up paddlers on the water.  The previous record had been set by British paddlers for gathering 390 people at once paddling. Yana Ivleva understood how big the community of paddlers was, and is, in Vladivostok and came to the conclusion that it was quite possible for the Russians to perform better.

Yana contacted her paddling community -schools, rentals, active people, shops and distributors, local brands, and tour organizers. She shared her idea and the Russians, a wildly passionate tribe of paddlers, liked it.  The challenge was to find the funds to register her gathering as a World Record attempt as the minimum fee is around 800 Euros. She struggled to persuade folks to share the expense with her, but only a few of them were willing.  They couldn’t find enough financial backing.

Russia SUP World Record attempt Red Paddle Co signage
Russian’s paddling community is passionate and fierce. In order to achieve the World Record title, everyone pitched in to lend boards, spread the word about the event and help more people get on the water. Participants said it was ‘exciting’ to be a part of such a large effort.

Russians challenged on finding funding to obtain ‘official World Record attempt’ status

Finally, Ivleva discovered an interested party, Yakov Ulkin and his stand up paddle and kite shop:  Tretya Volna.  Tretya Volna is a Red Paddle Co and Focus SUP Hawaii distributor in Russia and is quite well known.  Yakov agreed to pay the 800 Euros fee and help organize the Russian’s attempt to set the new World’s Record.

Vladivostok has a large Sup community. Basically, the entire community became the organizers because everyone shared the information about this World Record attempt, provided participants who need it with equipment and eventually all participated in the Sup Parade itself.

Russian SUP World Record three paddlers shaka

Victory is sweet! The Russians believed they had enough national stoke and passionate paddlers to overcome the Brits’ previous record of 390 stand up paddlers in a single Sup Parade.

Russians spread the world to launch World Record attempt!

One month prior to their attempt, Yakov launched the event website in order to register participants online.  All of the organizers did a huge job promoting this event and website.


A month after the website had been launched, there were more than 1000 participants registered!  But, Yana and Yakov knew that, of course, some of the people wouldn’t attend.  In the end, they had 844 participants total. A NEW WORLD RECORD for SUP PARADE!

Russia SUP World Record attempt SUP parade 2
A full one mile water crossing on Amar Bay was required for each paddler to deem this organized gathering the largest Sup Parade on the planet. Next year, the Russians hope to break their OWN record set in 2017.

Patriotism brings Russian paddlers together for World Record cause

Yana said a major motive for people to join the event was feeling of patriotism.  The Vladivostok and surrounding community wanted the opportunity to “beat” their British fellow stand up paddle compatriots and the opportunity to show the world that Russia has a strong and vibrant community of  stand up paddle lovers with gorgeous places to be discovered via Sup!

Russian 2017 SUP World Record attempt yellow
The paddlers of Russia are so enthusiastic about their sport, they have an official ‘season closing’ day every October in St. Petersburg, Russia. Costumes, races and gathering the sup community together, the Russians close their paddle season with a flair!

Requirements and documentation to set a World Record for Russians

The Guinness Records organization had specific requirements regarding the distance that needed to be accomplished by paddlers in order to be accepted into the rulebook.  For the World Record attempt to be official paddlers had to cross an area of one mile (1.6KM)together.  Amur Bay near the city was a perfect spot to cross from one side to another. Actually, to be officially recorded, the event had to adhere to multiple procedures and details.

The event organizers did an outstanding job preparing tons of documentation, including descriptions of the location and the details of the parade including proof and specific reports from the event.  Organizers were charged with providing paddlers with a special wristband to identify them as World Record participants.  At the finish, every paddler handed in their wristbands to be counted and received the lapel pin.  Photos and video documentation were also necessary to prove the actual quantity of participants to make this a valid attempt.

Russia SUP World Record attempt SUP parade
How many people do YOU think you can put on the water in your neck of the woods?

Russians show the world they are major contenders in world of Sup

Russia is proud.  Today, we can clam the largest parade of stand up paddleboarders held on 10th of September 2017 came from Vladivostok, Russia.  Everyone who came to watch said the spectacle of all those padders was very epic, impressive and inspiring!  Throughout the event, the atmosphere was friendly.  Everyone had fun and really enjoyed the opportunity to gather together on the water!  Although this was a special event, next year the community plans gather again, and hopes to count even more participants!

Every summer Russia also celebrates SUP DAY on the 1st of July.  In 2017 more than 30 cities and towns including Vladivostok, of course, joined  in the event.  Over 3000 people visited the event’s venues, and although Sup Day is not officially on the record books, we feel it’s probably the biggest event of its kind in the world!

Written by Standup Journal contributor:   Anastasia Pavlova
Instagram @nastia_pavlovaaa

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