Sweet Shot! Sup Surfing Cape Cod’s memorable magic

Eddie Devereaux Marconi Beach Cape Cod sup surf
Marc Angelillo Starboard Cape Cod sup surf
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This recent shot of Marc Angelillo, a well rounded waterman and local Cape Codder, came across our radar after a recent swell on the Cape in Massachusetts this winter.  Standup Journal went in deep to get the deets.

Marc Angelillo sup surf Marconi Massachusetts
Marc Angelillo drops in on a winter bomb off Marconi Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts last week. Photo by: Eddie Devereaux

Rippable walls, temps in the mid 40’s:  A Cape Code winter sup surf dream

Standup Journal:  Marc, tell us a little about the day this winter swell hit Cape Cod.   What were the conditions like?  Do you remember this wave in particular?  What board were you riding?

Marc:  A winter coastal storm passed the night before on the outer Cape.  The waves had just started to clean up.  It was still powerful and steep.  A little way down the coast, it was so fast and top to bottom, so I shortboarded some insane beach break barrels in the morning off of Nauset Beach at the end of my street. The morning was an amazing surf session with the local crew.

“The swell and conditions looked insane offering some thirty second rides on six to eight foot faces.”

High tide was at noon that day.  My buddy Eddie Devereax who is Cape Cod‘s most-stoked sup &  surf photographer, let me know that some of the boys were headed to Marconi Beach in Wellfleet at one o’clock that day and he was going to shoot the session.

Looking out from the parking lot to see “a standup paddler’s dream”.

I headed north for the afternoon session.  At first look, it was a standup paddler’s dream. The waves were 200 yards offshore with giant plumes off the back.  The swell and conditions looked insane offering some thirty second rides on six to eight foot faces.  Air and water temps were in the mid 40°’s setting it up for an ideal sup session.

Plenty of options, peaks and different opportunities out there.  It allowed me to explore and taste three different sandbar peaks, but I ended up going back to that same draining right I first laid my eyes on. It was like a skate park.  Offshore winds and clean textured waters you dream about when you close your eyes at night.

I rode my go-to board:  an 8’0 x 28′ Starboard carbon Pro at 96 liters with a quad set up as always. Most of the bigger sets that day lined up as rights with long, firing rippable walls.

Eddie Inspires

As the spot filled up with a handful of standup paddle boys, the jockeying for position and elevated need to score the best wave or set wave surfaced and continued to rise.  As we knew, Eddie was on the stairs shooting fifty feet up from the base of the dunes. His elevated position gave him a great vantage point and the afternoon light was perfection.  It was an early winter expression session and showtime for all of us to see what we could stamp out in front of him.

Truly, this was one of the more memorable days of this winter sup surfing in December.  The Cape Cod is always ready and stoked when there is a swell and Eddie D. is around!!!

Big Mahalos to Eddie Devereaux for capturing the moment and always being there for all of us. #eddiewouldgo .

— by Marc Angelillo

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