Sup Surfing for Beginners – a video tutorial from Paddle Barbados

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Jason Cole of Paddle Barbados has a knack for reading the mind of a beginner sup surfer and telling him/her what to do at the right moment. He is articulate, skilled and a true gentleman. Here’s his quick sup surfing video for beginners to help you get out in the surf and begin riding a few waves.

How To Sup Surf:  a video for Beginners with Paddle Barbados

Jason and his wife Sarah own/run a stand up paddle board concession on Carlisle Bay in Barbados called Paddle Barbados.  They offer skilled instruction for flat water, surf and downwind sup experiences. They also rent paddle boards from Pebble Beach and are incredible hosts.  Together, they are filled with local knowledge and experience to make your stay in Barbados a sup-er fun adventure!

For more information, or to reach out to Sarah and Jason, go to their website: or email them at