Surftech – PrAna collab unveils miles of style for 2018

Surftech Prana collection 2018
Surftech Prana collection 2018
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Surftech announces colorful new collaboration with apparel giant prAna Sup for the 2018 line of equipment!

Surftech Prana collection tie downs aerial

PrAna Athletic/Swimwear for Women and Surftech Technology!

Together, Surftech and prAna have designed a dynamic line of women-centered paddle boards, paddles and accessories for the 2018 season.

Coming together to blend Surftech’s technology with world-famous prAna versatility and style, the two brands have proudly introduced a collection that includes both style and design with construction formats that include eco-conscious sustainability features.

The new product line up features five stand up paddle boards designed with gals in mind, two colorful paddles, matching leashes and 2018 prAna swimwear to complete the ensemble!

Surftech prana collaboration family style

Surftech – PrAna collab features Algae Harvested Deck Pads

What’s even more exciting is that all of these Surftech – prAna stand up paddle boards come with BLOOM Foam deck pads made from algae.

BLOOM is a company that harvests algae from freshwater sources at high risk for toxic algae bloom. This harvesting process supports fresh water ecosystems by removing excess algae and recirculating fresh water back into the habitat.  Each BLOOM foam deck pad on the new line of Surftech-prAna paddle boards contains 20% algae biomass in order to offset each brand’s carbon footprint.   This is a great way for two leaders in the industry to #StandupfortheEnvironment!

Surftech Prana collaboration board paddle

Surftech-PrAna Sup Boards for both Flat Water & Surf

The boards are beautiful including the Aleka Tuflite V-Tech designed by Joe Bark to be stable enough for flat water while still performing well in small to medium surf.  The Tuflite V-Tech construction offers a bamboo deck veneer, includes 4 deck tie-downs, a ledge handle, a rear padded handle and a 3/4 deck pad with BLOOM technology.

To see the full line of Surftech-prAna stand up paddle boards, check out the website at:

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