Scubajet: waterjet propulsion to maximize your sup performance!

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Want to stay out on the water longer and feel better afterwards?  Need to reduce muscle strain while increasing performance?  Check out the latest innovation in gear from Scubajet:

Maximizing the FUN and minimizing the EFFORT, Scubajet transforms every exercise into a leisure activity.  Scubajet brings some of the most popular watersport activities to the next level of performance by adding an extra kick over or under the water.  Check out the video to see how it works!

Scubajet combines water propulsion technology with high powered FUN and CLEAN emissions

In a revolutionary new look at watersports, including stand up paddling, Scubajet’s eco-friendly jet engine motor is like an e-bike for the water.  It turns almost every water sport gadget into high performance gear.

Scubajet’s Smart-Power technology provides up to 4 hours of fun, or, the full use of a battery’s lifetime.  Lithium ion batteries are used to charge the clean emission propulsion system.

Scubajet system creates performance for your watersports craft

Attached to the bottom of your stand up paddleboard, the Scubajet water propulsion system, allows you to paddle longer and with less effort to maximize your paddling pleasure.  Connect Scubajet’s high powered engine to your sup and watch your performance climb to a whole new level on the water!

Scubajet technology includes a full set of adapters to allow users to transfer this powerful engine between multiple watersports’ crafts including stand up paddle boards, canoes and kayaks.  It can also be modified for use while scuba diving and snorkeling to help you move through the water with ease.

Lightweight & high performance, this water propulsion system has 3 speeds to assist each sporting activity so you can enjoy yourself more freely on our in the water.

Scubajet stand up paddling gear
It’s always a good idea to take a closer look beneath the surface. Maybe you can speed up your SUP and there’s some jet power available. Stay up to 4 hours longer on the water with the Scubajet!

To learn more or to check out the dynamic Sup Packages you can purchase, visit the Scubajet website.  Or visit them on Instagram @scubajet or Facebook for further information.

Have fun out there!