Chris Bertish is a motivational force of nature – IMPOSSIBLE Video

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Here is waterman legend Chris Bertish’s newest video on his inspiration – the ocean – and his driving forces that led him to cross the Atlantic Ocean, conquer giant surf and, ultimately, become the man he is today.  Begin this day on a high note.  Enjoy!

Chris Bertish’s video motivating others to believe in the value of preparedness, passion and success

Chris Bertish’s story is about so much more than just crossing the Atlantic solo on a stand up paddleboard of his own making.  His is a story about overcoming adversity.  In this brief video, Chris talks about drawing power from the things that motivate us.  For him, it’s that incredible body of water we call the ocean.  He asks us to keep reaching in to the well of our passions, prepare to the best of our abilities, visualize our eventual success and then go forth & conquer.

Chris’s 2018 schedule will take him around the world giving motivational talks and sharing his message.  We look forward to seeing him here in the States more frequently, maybe catch a wave or two together.  Stay tuned for more updates from this great waterman and the details unfold.  We’ll have them HERE for you at Standup Journal online.

Aloha, Chris.  See you soon!