2018 Naish line up to come equipped with MFC fins!

Naish MFC Fin Set up Hokua
Your Hokua just got that much more LIFT and GLIDE from Maui Fin Company's bio-resin fin setup on your board!
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2018 Naish Stand Up Paddle Range Equipped with MFC fins!

Naish MFC Fin Set up Hokua
Your Hokua just got that much more LIFT and GLIDE from Maui Fin Company’s bio-resin fin setup on your board!

Naish and Maui Fin Company combine years of experience to develop the best fin setup for 2018 Naish Sup!

Over the years, there has been incredible team work between Naish and Maui Fin Company as these two icons of the watersports industry have collaborated on the windsurfing side. Watermen and leaders, such as Kai Lenny, Michi Schweiger and – of course, legend Robby Naish – have been working together to provide influential and effective feedback to MFC on their windsurf boards.  Now, that combination of skill and experience brings a whole new generation of performance to Naish Sup 2018!

Naish Maui Fin Company 2018
The MFC fin set up will be found on the entire Naish Sup range in 2018. Get ready for more performance than ever out of these boards!

Passion & Technology:  That’s the Naish/MFC long-standing success story

It make sense to combine passions and due to a long-standing relationship between Kai and MF.  The decision was simple to equip the 2018 Naish stand up paddling range with MFC fins.  Together they’ve released the best possible fin setup for your sup board!  Over two years of development were put into this collaboration, analyzing boards vs. fin setups and the team at Naish are proud to have picked the perfect combination to maximize the performance of your new Naish 2018 stand up paddleboard!

Going forward, the Naish Alana, Hokua, Nalu, Mana, Touring and Glide sup boards will include a set of MFC fins – wither C-1 or SUPERWEED (Touring & Glide) centers with Kai sides.  Custom Limited Edition graphics make these MFC fins one-of-a-kind, and include MFC’s Bio-Resin construction which means you’re purchasing the most eco-friendly, sustainably developed fins on the planet!  We like to hear that!

Kai’s longstanding relationship with MFC fins brings years of experience to this combined effort. It’s a no-brainer.

So, look forward to your MFC fin setup as you make your 2018 Naish stand up paddleboard purchase.  Snap some pix and send them to us at Standup Journal online so we can celebrate YOU on your new ride!

Aloha & Enjoy the Glide!

*Chinook Sailing Products is a North American distributor for Maui Fin Company.