What inspires YOU to live a fuller Deep Blue Life? A video with Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

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Sean Poynter and Zane Schweitzer are both inspired watermen.  In this video, they take a moment after a really fun session in Malibu to talk about what inspires them to live closer to the earth and embody what, in the Hawaiian culture, “Pono” is all about.  These two young men explore what it means to live a Deep Blue Life, connected to the ocean and preserving the health of it.

Let’s all begin to think how we too can Live a Deep Blue Life. Watch the the short interview with Zane to learn more.  Please help inspire others by sharing it!


Live a Deep Blue Life and be a protector of our oceans

Zane Schweitzer and Sean Poynter are both inspired athletes and watermen.  They are each deeply committed – through their relationship to the water and Starboard Sup – to preserving our natural environment, specifically through eliminating plastic as much as they can in their daily lives to protect our marine environment.

In this short video, Zane speaks of his background in the Hawaiian culture and how the concept of ‘Pono’ drives him to preserve the health of our oceans.  Deeply inspiring as always, Zane’s dedication to living what Starboard has coined #theDeepBlueLife brings us all to greater awareness of the steps we can take to live more consciously.

“Being aware and then taking initiative for what inspires YOU to want to continue to take that next step.  That’s the start of a Deep Blue Life.” -Zane Schweitzer

To learn more about simple ways you can take steps to living in balance with the planet, check out:  Starboard Blue, a whole new initiative to create positive change and inspire others.  With links and videos to get you thinking, Starboard Blue is the wave of the future.  Aloha, Starboard & thank YOU for leading the charge!

Film by:  Matty Schweitzer & Georgia Schoenfeld