Annabel Anderson, Glenn Dubock and a ticket to Katmandu

Annabel Anderson Glenn Dubock Pacific Coast Games 2017
Annabel Anderson Glenn Dubock Pacific Coast Games 2017
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Standup Journal’s photographer, Glenn Dubock always has a good story to tell.  His unique perspective and dry sense of humor keeps us laughing.  That, coupled with his dynamic photography skills, make him an interesting guy to have around.

Here is Glenn’s latest reflection, a small tidbit of wisdom gleaned at the PPG’s from world champ, Annabel Anderson.

Annabel Anderson Glenn Dubock pacific coast games
“Annabel is very generous with her inside thoughts and feelings, even in the tense moments just before a race. I wouldn’t say I was one of the first she talks to but she appreciates our long history with her and the sport and always makes it a priority to let us take a walk inside the mind of a champion.” – Glenn Dubock

Standing in the hot sun at the PPGs, Glenn Dubock reports:

So you know me, it’s pretty much non-stop snapping photos on the beach for two days during the PPG competition. I didn’t hydrate enough on Saturday and paid the price that night.  Woke up with both legs in the full cement block cramps. So bad I could barely bend over to reach into the hotel mini fridge to get my Gatorade. They let up after about an hour of standing in the full Frankenstein pose, legs as stiff as boards.

Glenn Dubock John Dubock Standup Journal
Glenn and brother John keeping the stoke meter rising for Standup Journal. Take a peek through these two legends to see who’s hanging around the SJ booth at the PPG’s

Hello, leg cramps?  What’s a photographer to DO?!

Next morning, I am hobbled but functioning on the beach in the pre-race dawn. Annabel appears jogging out of the grey mist and I beg her for an emergency nutritional consult.

Annabel has been a guest at our home and I have consumed that pasty green slime that comes from her travel blender and I can tell you it is at least one of her secret weapons.

Glenn Dubock Annabel Anderson Standup Journal
A fire in her eye and laughter on her face, Annabel is a walking fitness encyclopedia. Photo by: John Dubock

Pausing to help on Race Day

I know she is trying to focus on other things on this day of Finals so I keep it short:
“Leg cramps – what do I take?”, I huff out to her.

She does a lap around me and says “Himalayan Salt”

“Do I have to go THERE to get it?”

She runs 5 steps away, cocks her head back a me, I take one look at the most perfectly tuned body our sport has to offer and I have my answer…….

Google me flights to Katmandu.