Paradigm Lost – a surf film by Kai Lenny, featuring every great waterman alive

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Kai Lenny knows surfing. He knows kite surfing, big waves, windsurfing and foiling. So, when Kai teams up with Poor Boy Productions and Red Bull Media to create Paradigm Lost, a film about the power and enlightenment that comes from surfing, we listen.

Featuring other great legends like John John Florence, Dave Kalama and a host of others, Paradigm Lost will be the iconic surf film for this generation. Premiering September 22nd in Maui and available for streaming on October 2nd. Get ready! This is one ride you CAN’T miss.


Paradigm Lost – an adventure of the spirit

“When you get to hang out with people who think freely and differently, it allows you to see things from every perspective.” – Kai Lenny

This film features dramatic footage from over three years in six different countries from Lenny’s life.  In Paradigm Lost, Kai Lenny showcases the iconic rides he’s had in every form of swell action imaginable including Big Wave, Kite Surfing, Progressive Foiling and Standup Paddling.  Rich in imagery and inspiration, this film will sit you back on your heels to reconsider what is possible in the realm of surf.

Kai Lenny Naish Puerto Escondido Edwin Morales Photography
When Kai won the WSL Big Wave Challenge in Puerto Escondido a few weeks ago, we knew this athlete was entering into a new realm of possibility. Here is a glimpse of that new level of performance and thought through ‘Paradigm Lost’, Kai’s newest waterman film. Photo by: Edwin Morales Photography

Film highlights greatest surfers of our time

Kai’s vision for Paradigm Lost also includes highlighting the world’s most progressive surfers.  Look for scenes including Albee Layer, Jamie O’Brien, Levi Siver, John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Airton Cozzolino, Marcilio Browne, Kalani Chapman, Ryan Hipwood, Julian Wilson, Ridge Lenny, Matt Meola, Ian Walsh, Dusty Payne, Greg Long, Robby Naish, Laird Hamilton, Victor Lopez, Clyde Aikau,  and Dave Kalama.

Where to watch “Paradigm Lost”

It is a stunning range of talent, wisdom, expertise and stoke that is both wide and deep to be celebrated by this new film by Poor Boy Productions and Red Bull Media.

Paradigm Lost will premiere in Maui this month on September 22, 2017.  It will later be available for streaming on Red Bull TV for one week only starting October 2, 2017.

This is one ride you do NOT want to miss!