Chris Bertish update: What’s the madman up to NOW?

Chris Bertish Protect Blue Starboard Noli Green Surf Festival
Chris Bertish Protect Blue Starboard Noli Green Surf Festival
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We were excited to have the possibility of having Chris Bertish at our booth at the Surf Expo in Florida, signing copies of our upcoming Fall issue featuring Chris.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma had other plans.

“Every day is not a guarantee, only a gift and a blessing, so use it well and use it wisely.”  – Chris Bertish

Therefore, instead of bringing Chris to Orlando, we decided to get the latest news on where he’s been and what he’s up to since his historic Sup Crossing, a one man solo trip across the Atlantic via paddleboard, which landed him in Antigua last April.

Chris Bertish:  The Captain’s Log continues

Chris Bertish has been busy.

Since his arrival in Antigua, the second half of his mission unfolded. That adventure that is no less arduous than the first.  Chris, for the past several months, has traveled around the world, offering his insight in motivational speeches and standing by causes that are important to him.

“I knew the impact I was making and the millions it would help, so quitting was just never an option.”

The madman is still paddling, only now he’s paddling through a sea of humanity, touching others and bringing people together to help children, the environment and ultimately each other by teaching them to believe.

Chris Bertish the sup crossing
Gone are the torn shorts, the ratty beard and the wild look in his eye (well, maybe it’s a LITTLE more focused), but Chris Bertish continues to inspire millions of people through his philanthropic efforts.

Rest & Reflection for Chris Bertish

In his recent Captain’s Log on August 28th, Chris reports on his shoulder surgery and how it’s forced him to finally slow down and take time to reflect.

This weekend, I was in the hospital for a couple days, which I had planned for a couple of months, an inevitable consequence of the SUP Crossing.  My shoulder was done from over use and strain, which I knew when it started giving in mid-way across the Atlantic.  I was accomplishing more than a Full Iron Man every day for over 90 days straight. But I knew the impact I was making and the millions it would help, so quitting was just never an option.  I just knew I had to switch off the pain, push through and finish, no matter the consequences.

Stopping to reflect, gives you an immense sense of perspective. This is powerful and necessary in order to regain and reframe your Focus, Vision, Passion & Purpose, which are the driving forces to help you on track for where you going to next.  They’re key in defining your future.  They remind you of the most important thing which is that every day is not a guarantee, only a gift and a blessing, so use it well and use it wisely.  Always have an immense sense of an Attitude Of Gratitude, to focus on all you do have and be thankful.  Don’t focus on all you don’t have and take for granted.

As of yesterday, after coming out of hospital, I drew a line in the sand on the beach….let go of the past and stepped into the present and the future…”  – Chris Bertish, Captain’s Log 08/28/2017

Chris Bertish recovery sup crossing
Chris takes some time to pause and reflect after shoulder surgery, a rotator cuff that gave out midway across the Atlantic, but Chris kept paddling. There was no way he wasn’t going to make it.

Big wave surfer to motivational speaker:  The epic journey of Chris

Part of the future for Chris is an intense schedule of speaking appointments to business owners, environmentalists, public leaders, school children and more.  He continues to raise money through The Sup Crossing website for his chosen charities.  But, he’s also begun a strong push towards using his success and status to bringing the public’s attention, wherever he is, to the need to focus on the environment and its overall health.

Recently, in South Africa, Chris spoke about Kenya’s hardcore ban on the use and distribution of plastic bags – 4 years in jail and a $40,000 fine.  He also met up with scientist, Dr. Sudhakar from the Council of Scientific and Industrial research in India.  Dr. Sudhakar is the leading R&D researcher on the C.S.I.R. team, who along with his team, developed the first ever completely recyclable and 100% biodegradable bag.  This is a monumental step that moves the world in the direction of being able to replace plastic bags completely!

Chris Bertish Protect Blue Starboard Noli Green Surf Festival
Chris teamed up with the Green Surf Festival and Starboard’s Protect Blue, the sustainability conference for the outdoor industry, to speak to sup industry leaders about the importance of conservation & inspiring change.

Chis Bertish Stands Up for the Environment

Chris also turned up at the Green Surf Festival in Noli, Italy where he was given a special proclamation from the Italian government on his environmental and philanthropic efforts.  He’s since joined forces with Starboard Sup to raise awareness in the surf and standup paddle industry about sustainable practices and biodegradable products.

Within all of that travel, Chris is hosting multiple speaking engagements for business CEOs, sports teams, schools, hospitals and more to offer back his experience and give people hope that all dreams are possible.  It’s a matter of passion, preparation and purpose.

Chris Bertish protect blue Starboard Italy
Chris Bertish has found a home for himself within the international community as a voice of positive change, new environmental directives and, as always, saving at-risk children in South Africa from hunger and hardship

Contact Chris’s team for more information

If you would like more information about having Chris give a talk in your area, you can contact his team at Chris Bertish Speaking and get on the list of folks who want to hear what this 42 year old man of passion and purpose has to say!

Sorry we missed you at the Expo, Chris but we ENJOY and continue to be INSPIRED by your work & efforts to define a new culture of belief…. that indeed we ARE the CHANGE we wish to see in the world.

Mahalo, CB.  Paddle on…



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