Gear update: Ghost Leash lifts leash out of water so you don’t snag rocks or seaweed

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Ever have your leash snag on some coral or a rock while sup surfing?  Ever have it catch some seaweed and slow you down monumentally while in a sup race?

Check out this new innovative Ghost Leash created by Jason Cole of Paddle Barbados as a way to insure your leash doesn’t get hooked on anything again!

Local sup surf legend Jason Cole in Barbados has won national surfing competitions, offers professional sup surf coaching with his wife Sarah and together they own & operate Paddle Barbados on Carlisle Bay at the St. Lawrence Gap in sunny Barbados!

Ghost Leash:  What’s the Back Story?

Here’s what Jason Cole has to say:

About four years ago something happened in the North Atlantic Gyre. This circular current that eternally rotates around the island of Bermuda started to do something different. The Gyre that usually traps expansive mats of sargassum seaweed started to spill long floating lines into the Caribbean.

Here in the southern most part of the island chain, Barbados was being inundated by this new menace. Small rafts of weed were washing into the bays smothering our beaches but most frustratingly, choking up the waves.

Tucking your leash into your waistband works!

Pulling seaweed out of leashes and throwing it into the air was a common sight in every surf line up in Barbados. Something had to be done. While looking at early pictures of Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton, I imagined a solution. These gurus of standup paddling were tucking their leashes into their waistband; thus, keeping them out of the water. I tried it and it worked! I could paddle around seaweed saturated lineups without dragging a ton.

I was not completely satisfied by this solution. There were some issues with the length of leash and setting into your waistband.  And, what if you weren’t wearing trunks?

Ghost Leash Paddle Barbados sup surfer
Pro surfers for years have had the practice of tucking their leash into their waistband to avoid coral and seaweed snags. Jason took that one step further with the Ghost Leash.

Enter Ghost Leash!  A whole new way to avoid messy (and dangerous) snags

Jason’s design for Ghost Leash took this concept of tucking a leash into a paddler’s waist band and incorporates a clip to keep it in place.  You can attach the Ghost Leash to your swim trunks or PFD belt or life jacket.  That way, one isn’t required to be wearing something that the leash can fit into.  Check out the video above for a demonstration of Ghost Leash!

Ghost Leash:  Final words

That’s where Ghost Leash came from. A friend of Jason’s with a 3D printer built the first prototype and it worked straight away. A surfer’s or paddler’s leash was now completely under control.

The team from Ghost Leash has created a Kickstarter campaign in order to begin production.  You can learn more and participate in the Kickstarter in order to bring this innovative style & security device into fruition.

Ghost Leash will be available for retail in March 2018.

The Ghost Leash clip will be made be using recycled PET. As close to 100% as the process will allow.

Jason is even in discussion with Zane Schweitzer to develop a bamboo version with bio resin.


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