Standup for Women: Camp Crystal Kai empowers you to paddle & live life more fully

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Here at Standup Journal online, we want to celebrate and empower women in standup paddling. We don’t need you to have a perfect ‘beach body’, or be an amazing athlete, but we DO want you to show up as beautiful, authentic YOU.

BIC Sup ambassadors Casi Rynkowski and Anna Levesque have created a unique paddling experience for women at Camp Crystal Kai.  In this camp, ALL participants are encouraged to celebrate themselves AS THEY ARE and come together to shine.  This is the true experience that women paddling together brings.

Camp Crystal Kai:  A standup paddling camp for women

The beauty of Camp Crystal Kai is that it is an open experience and supportive environment for a wide range of paddlers.  This Camp offers progressive paddling instruction so that each camper’s needs are met.

Camp Crystal Kai is about “creating a supportive environment for women to push their limits, step out of their comfort zone and do things they never thought they could or maybe they’ve never done before.” – Anna Levesque, Co-Coordinator & author of Yoga for Paddling

Set along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, Camp Crystal Kai is aimed at getting more women outdoors, exploring the myriad facets of standup paddling and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“You don’t have to look a certain way, be a certain age or have a certain skill level to be a part of the standup paddleboard community.   A little bit of passion and a sense of adventure will get started.  Camp Crystal Kai shows you how.”  – Casi Rynkowski, Co-Coordinator

Open to all ages and ranges of paddlers, this gathering of feminine souls coming together on the water is an experience you won’t forget.

For more info:

Standup for Women:  an online Forum for YOU!

If YOU are interested in finding like-minded women who SUPPORT one another in paddling, check out Standup Journal’s new online FORUM:  Standup for Women.

The conversations here range from GEAR for GALS, to ROADBLOCKS to PADDLING that are specific for women.  Have a question you’ve been afraid to ask?  Here is a great place to put it out there.  Come on BOARD!

Sign up for the website:  Link is HERE.  And then join the ongoing discussion FOR WOMEN by WOMEN here at Standup Journal online!  We’d love to have you!

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