Jason Latham “King of Stoke” celebrates his ocean playground in sup surf video “904 Sup”

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Ke Nalu and Jimmy Lewis team rider Jason Latham, aka “JLay” is a man of heart and substance. In this video, “904 SUP” produced by Dasher Films, see how JLay interacts with his world, his tribe and, most importantly, the ocean.

JLay is a dynamic force in the water and powerful sup surfer for the Jimmy Lewis brand.  Born in Samoa and raised in Georgia, Jay’s travels have taken him to all areas of the globe, including a return trip to Samoa for a few years after high school and, more recently, the Canary Islands, only to return him home again and connect with the waters he loves best.

Standup for the Environment:  Jason Latham’s latest vid takes a stand for clean water.

JLay’s video fits nicely into our newly introduced platform:  Standup for the Environment wherein we seek to highlight the men, women & brands that are taking a stand to become a part of the education and preservation of what we all consider precious, our world’s water.

As we get older, we become shepherds of the ocean. We’ve need to take care of the ocean. We’ve got to leave this legacy for our kids. We’ve got to leave it better than we found it. That’s what’s important .”  – J.D. Motes from “904 SUP” by Dasher Films

Jason’s sense of fun in the water is apparent in these frames and his partner in crime, J.D. Motes, is an ageless lover of surf.  Together, they light up the screen and create a short film that inspires us to get out there and witness the beauty and joy the ocean has to offer.

Aloha JLay & JD!  Thanks for keeping it real.  We, at Standup Journal online, salute you!