Innovation: Oar Board Rower combines rowing scull & paddleboard all in ONE!

Oarboard advenutre row banner
Oarboard advenutre row banner
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Love paddling? Love rowing?? Want to do BOTH? Check out this easy installation on your paddle board to turn it into a rowing scull with Oar Board Rower so you can easily move back and forth between them using the same inflatable standup paddle board. Now, that’s innovation!

Oar Board Rower is designed to fit your inflatable sup to allow the freedom to paddle and/or row at will!

The Oar Board inflatable standup paddle boards are heavy duty and ideal for adventure paddling with your camping gear or just having fun.  They also feature specialized fitted deck rings that make the installation of the Oar Board® Rower even easier than on a standard paddle board where it straps right around.  These rings hold the Oar Board Rower in place and allow YOU the freedom of moving from sup to rowing scull without ever leaving your board!  Check out the video to see how easy it is!

Enjoy the low impact, whole body workout, strength and cardio benefits that regular rowing provides. Used to row in college? New to rowing? Ready for fun on the water and a great workout?

The Oar Board Rower systematically allows you to move seamlessly back and forth from paddling to rowing.  Great to use on adventure paddles where certain conditions may warrant one form of travel over the other.  Also, great to use in order to preserve strength and not over-fatigue the same muscle groups.  Think of the possibilities!  This is one adventure waiting on tap!

The Oar Board® rower, by Whitehall Rowing & Sail, can be ordered direct and ships worldwide.
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